Lion worked very hard yesterday making sure our dinner was wonderful. Our guests were impressed with his homemade cranberry sauce and his sweet potatoes. The turkey was beautiful. He wanted to take a picture of it but we both forgot. Believe me when I tell you it tasted as yummy as it looked.

Our guests were here from 5:15 until 8:30. Lion was dropping subtle hints about being tired. Even the dog went off the sleep under the bed. My friend was getting the hint. Her mother, not so much. Finally Lion said, “I’m so happy you could spend Thanksgiving with us…” and my friend whisked her mother out the door. Part of me felt bad. I didn’t want to kick them out. But they had invited themselves (although neither realized it) and we were exhausted.

We collapsed into bed to watch TV. We couldn’t move. No sex for Lion but we did snuggle. This morning we slept till 8:30. That’s not late but we had breakfast in bed and lounged around till almost 11. Lion says he’s still tired. I bet! Me too. We have to pick up a prescription for Lion in a little while. I think it should be safe to venture into a grocery store in the afternoon. The Black Friday nonsense should be gone and grocery stores don’t usually have Black Friday deals anyway.

Other than that little bit of shopping I think we have a lazy Friday ahead of us. We can watch our football game we recorded from yesterday but didn’t get a chance to watch. We’ll probably have leftovers for dinner. It will be the calm after the storm.

Later on I bet Lion will be up for some playing. The medicine is holding most of the itching at bay. I assume he’ll be horny again after Wednesday’s surprise orgasm. It’s nice to have a day of lounging once in a while.