Strange Bedfellows

My long wait is over. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. After four years of orgasm denial, I’m accustomed to sexual frustration. There were frustrated moments, but not nearly as many as I anticipated when I was informed how long the wait would be. Actually, I liked the idea of a 22 day-plus wait. It was a challenge. It’s not a challenge I want all the time, but it was interesting this time. I’ve updated both the orgasm chart and the stats that appear in the right column of the browser.

Mrs. Lion has mentioned that she enjoys the suspense and tension of trying to get me as close as possible to ejaculation without going over the edge. From my side of the activity, I can feel the process in action. She starts out getting me very excited, but not really to the edge. Then, she sneaks up on it; each time is closer and closer. Then, when she gets me right to the edge, she waits just a few seconds and does it again. This is the most dangerous time. If she restarts too soon after pushing me to the edge, I will pick up where she left off and ejaculate. I imagine this is when she feels the thrill of the challenge.

Needless to say, the process is extremely exciting for me too. I want Mrs. Lion to succeed. When she gets me very close, I feel the tension too. I try to keep my PC muscles loose (they are the ones you tighten to pucker your anus). I fear that tightening them would provide help for the oncoming ejaculation. In fact, that’s true. It’s those muscles that put the squirt into ejaculation. The fact that they don’t retract during a ruined orgasm is why the semen just runs out with no pressure behind it.

If she goes too far, she gets a feeling of failure. I get a ruined orgasm, which I dislike. It’s a lose-lose situation. While at the moment this is all going on, I really want to come. But I don’t want it to be a ruined orgasm. Her goal is to edge me multiple times and create sexual frustration. My goal is to avoid a ruined orgasm. We both want the same thing, but definitely not for the same reason.