I didn’t get any cleaning done this weekend like I should have. Now I have to do it between tonight and whatever time we schedule dinner on Thursday. The house doesn’t look as bad as it has in the past, but there’s still a lot to do. Since most of it requires lifting and stirring up dust, Lion can’t help. I just have to plug away at it.

Lion informed me this morning that he’s horny again. He may have been last night too but his allergies drowned out any desire for sex. Tonight I’ll change the bed linens again and see if that helps him. I’m hoping we can snuggle at least.

Lion also informed me it’s punishment day. He’s been trying very hard not to get himself into trouble. I have a feeling he might be in danger on Thursday when he’s cooking and guests are coming. He swears he’s good under pressure but I’ve seen him get frazzled when things don’t go quite as expected. I’m thinking he might make some comments that will earn his buns a whomping. Thursday is punishment day as well. Those whomps could happen once the guests leave. It depends on how exhausted we are after cooking/cleaning all day.

The fact is, our guests are my friend and her mother. And my friend more or less invited herself to dinner and then asked if her mother could come too. My friend is an acquired taste. She has some idiosyncrasies. Lion can handle her in small doses. Dinner sits right on the border of too long. Perhaps he’s correct to make comments. But that’s rude and Lion is not allowed to be rude. For now I’ll just put him on notice that I’ll be watching. I’m sure a well aimed glare in his direction will alert him that he’s getting close to the line.

Lion’s a good boy. I know he can behave for an afternoon.