Nothing to See Here

Lion is excited. Well, yes, he’s horny but also excited about the idea of having one day of the week that signifies orgasm. Not that he’ll always get an orgasm that night. It’s similar to punishment night. If there are things on his list then he’ll get punished on that night. If there isn’t anything, there will be no punishment.

I’m balking at the idea of a designated orgasm night. Lion has suggested Saturday. What if I want to give him an orgasm Wednesday? This morning I decided it could be exactly like punishment night in that I can punish him at the time of the infraction or wait until punishment night. Lion insists we do better with structure.

Coincidentally, he says, his 21st day falls on a Saturday. And if I wish to extend his wait, the 28th day also fall on Saturday. (Stands to reason.) So I’m locked in to giving him an orgasm on the 21st day, 28th day, 35th day, etc. I know me. I will either accidentally on purpose go too far on any non-Saturday night I want to give him an orgasm or I will not edge him quite as far because I’m afraid to go too close to the edge on a non-Saturday night.

At this point I’m thinking a designated orgasm night takes away some of my power. I like having Lion think every night is a possibility. Why get all excited if today’s only Tuesday? There’s nothing to see here. Nothing will happen. It’s not Saturday. Granted, Saturday then becomes the night that it can both happen or not happen, but right now that’s every night. Why would I want to take that away?

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  1. Author

    Mrs. Lion, I completely agree with you. Having the possibility every night is much better for you (and him). I think Lion is trying to top from the bottom.

  2. Author

    Yeah. Saturdays are just another possibility.

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