Waving In The Breeze

Today is the 16]th day since my last ejaculation. To put this in perspective, since January 1, 2016 I’ve had only one wait over 15 days and 2 waits of 15 days. That’s just three waits to ejaculate of more than two weeks in two years. This is out of over 100 ejaculations. I’ve become accustomed to waiting a week or less for the vast majority of my orgasms.

I realize that many guys wait a lot longer. That’s not my point. My body is accustomed to frequent release. That doesn’t mean I am at the point I would kill for a chance to come. I don’t spend my days and nights dreaming of release. But, when I do think about sex, the feelings are more intense. Most interesting to me is that I have a significant physical change.

Mrs. Lion has never had a problem getting my penis erect. It’s true at times I just don’t get hard. That usually occurs soon after ejaculation. It’s understandably easy to get me hard now. But for the last few days, when she is done teasing me, I stay rock hard for a while. That’s a big change. I usually become flaccid almost immediately after the stimulation ends. Now, I’m waving in the breeze for some time. I really like this. Yes, I am very frustrated. But it feels great to remain hard without help.

Everything else is pretty much the same. It takes just as long as always to get me to the edge for the first time in a session. I don’t sense any particular feelings of desperation. I know I have at least five more days to wait. Mrs. Lion has said that I will wait either 21 or 28 days. I feel OK about this decision. I’m wondering if the loss of interest that Mrs. Lion is looking for isn’t that I stop caring about sex, but maybe that I am not very concerned when she decides to let me ejaculate.

I’m not at that point, if I ever get there. I definitely care. When I think about next Saturday and perhaps learning I have at least another week to wait, I will be frustrated; perhaps more than I am now after an edging session.

Right now, things aren’t too different. My last waits were 10 and 12 days. So, on the 16th day it isn’t too alien. By the end of the week, I will be in new sexual territory. I’ve never had a wait 21 days long when I was interested in sex. The only wait over 15 days was after my surgery when I had no interest in sex.

I don’t remember the waving in the breeze last time when the wait was 12 days. This is the only physiological change I have experienced as a result of enforced chastity. Mrs. Lion needs to make a note in her experiment journal.