Henceforth, Wednesday is Sling Day

I’ve been sitting here for some time trying to come up with an idea for a post. I know I’ve been hampered by lack of time. We just got back from shopping, Lion would like to play in the sling, I need to change the bed and vacuum, and I suggested a trip to the casino tonight. I’ll need to get my butt moving if I’m going to accomplish all those things.

Lion reminded me last night that I’d suggested some weeknight trips to the dungeon to play in the sling. I forgot. I’m not sure how many trips per week we’ll make but I did forget any this week. We talked about an efficient way to turn the heater on in the dungeon and not forget to turn it off. Lion got another “magic” plug that works with the Amazon Echo but not with the heater currently in the dungeon. He had to order a new heater. He’s done his part. I didn’t do mine.

Suggesting play in the sling during the week seemed like an easy way to get one thing off our plate on the weekend. Shopping, errands, chores and other things tend to bog us down. Then Lion doesn’t know why I don’t feel up to playing on the weekend. I think rather than assigning an orgasm day, maybe we need to assign a sling day. Perhaps Wednesdays. Unless one of us is under the weather, Lion’s butt should be in the sling.

If edgings are nightly or near nightly, then there’s little need for an assigned orgasm night. I can always go a little further no matter what other play is going on. The real issue is getting used to playing in the sling. It can also be our regularly scheduled pegging night since it’s easier for me when he’s in the sling. Bang! Problem solved. If it’s Wednesday it must be sling/pegging day.

Of course, we can play in the sling any time but we’ll have at least one guaranteed night per week. The same goes for pegging. How about it, Lion?

[Lion – Yes, Ma’am. Works for me, of course]