Mrs. Lion’s Sex Experiments

Something new is happening. It is totally unexpected. It isn’t huge, but for me at least, it’s significant. Mrs. Lion is playing and seems to be having fun. She’s using her orgasm control to do “experiments”. She’s been writing about her first. It involves making me wait until I lose interest in coming.

There’s a very good chance I will stay horny. At some point, she will call it off and let me ejaculate. I know that point is at least a week away (21 days waiting). I expect it will go beyond that, maybe another week. I don’t know. But her plan is to wait for me to wane and then revive me.

I’ve had nothing to do with this idea. It is all hers. I have no input on how it will be conducted or end. I like that a lot. I’m not nuts about this long wait. My all-time record is 22 days. That was due to my shoulder surgery and my complete lack of interest in sex. This time I’ve been horny the entire time. I think she will break that record; maybe by a week or more.

In an email exchange yesterday, she posed a new question. How long would it take for me to lose interest if I am not edged? I suggested perhaps that should include my chastity device. Wearing that, I would not be able to get hard and enjoy any incidental arousal. She wrote back that she was kidding. She knows I wouldn’t like that.

Wait a minute!

I wouldn’t like it?

That can’t be 2.0 talking. She doesn’t care if I like it or not. She’s decided I will wait at least 3 weeks. She didn’t ask if I like that. I don’t. But it was made clear that I don’t get a vote.

So why would her perception of whether or not I would like being back in my cage matter? I wore that cage for 3-1/2 years. The question of whether or not I liked it didn’t come up.

Yes, it’s true that I like being wild. I like erections that I get. I’m in no danger of giving myself an orgasm. So for that portion of enforced chastity, the cage isn’t needed. But what about erection control? Penis isolation? The cage is a perfect tool to limit any stimulation to times when Mrs. Lion unlocks me. I wonder why she worries if I wouldn’t like it.

I would like it; not because it feels good to wear. Oh no. It’s because it is Mrs. Lion remaining in control. I like that. Go for it, sweetie!

[Mrs. Lion – The part I was kidding about was not edging him at all. Our next email exchange was about the cage’s potential effect on another long wait. Will the addition of the cage change whether Lion loses interest during another 21-28 day wait with daily edging? Just spitballing here.]

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    wow She really understands and loves and controls you.
    You are very lucky to have such a wonderful Leader & spouse

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