Lion’s Butt in a Sling

Yesterday we had a lot of things to do. Lion was making stew. We had to winterize the camper. There was laundry. I’d mentioned sling time for Lion. And he had a furry nether region. In my mind, if we did manscaping we couldn’t do sling time. Until my brain jump started itself and I figured out that we could have sling time first and then he could numb himself for manscaping. Duh! Sometimes I’m amazed I can find my way home.

Aside from pegging him, I didn’t have much of a plan for Lion once I got his butt in the sling. Good thing our dungeon is so fully stocked. Actually, the clothespins were sitting right there from a previous time. As an added bonus, they had sandpaper on them. Evil.

It’s been a while since I’ve pegged Lion. In the past, when it’s been a while, Lion will say I don’t need to go slow. Okay. I did go slow initially and stopped for a bit once I was in to allow him to get used to the feeling. Then I started moving it in and out. I made sure there was enough lube. Sometimes once the dildo gets in there it goes deeper than the lube. I’d squirted quite a bit of lube in but you can never be sure. Lion said he was fine.

When I masturbate Lion I try to change things up. I may go fast for a bit and then slower and sometimes I just barely touch him while I’m stroking. I decided to do that yesterday with the dildo. He made a face when I was going faster. I checked on the lube situation again. Everything was good so I kept going. More faces. He wasn’t in any pain so on we went. I reason that men don’t always stop when women are uncomfortable. And besides, is Lion supposed to be comfortable? This is anal training. Feel the burn.

When I stopped pegging him I put the clothespins on. Nasty little suckers that left red marks when I took them off. I was masturbating Lion while I pegged him but his erection diminished over time. When the clothespins went on he was very hard again. He tells me he hates them. Mr. Weenie gives him away.

I ended up edging him quite a few times both with my hand and my mouth. I got some precum and I was tempted to give him an orgasm but I was able to control myself. It didn’t seem like the right time. I do love edging him in the sling. I love edging him period but even more in the sling. I think it’s because I have easier access to him. At least when it comes to oral. Perhaps we need more sling time. [Lion – What a nice thought!]