It’s a good thing I’m not really a jealous person. Lion asked me to use the Magic Wand last night. I’m sure it wasn’t because I couldn’t get him hard. I would have eventually. Uncharacteristically, he asked me to stop trying “for now” and then a little while later he asked me to use the Magic Wand.

And use it I did. He was very close to being a puddle when I stopped for the night. Oh so close and yet, not close enough. I guess, rather than being jealous, I should be glad I have the Magic Wand to torture him with.

We are both still under the weather to some extent so play is still limited. We’re snuggling, holding hands, just being close. I’m hoping my achiness/flu/cold/whatever this is and Lion’s cold/allergies/whatever that is will not last much longer. It just gets in the way. Until it’s gone we’ll continue to snuggle under the blankets where it’s warm. And, hey, you never know what will come out of snuggling.

I think Lion might be in for some swats when both of us feel up to it. Last night I was trying to tell him about some fairly big developments at work and he kept interrupting me. He wanted the story to progress a certain way but it was my story and I was telling it in chronological order. I know my work frustrates him but not more than it frustrates me so, and I say this lovingly, shut up and listen to me when I’m venting, Lion. [Lion – Yes Ma’am.]