Good Time Lion

I wore a purple thong all day yesterday. I put it on in the morning, grimaced as I glanced in the mirror, finished getting dressed, and promptly forgot I was wearing it. When I went to the men’s room to pee, I remembered. It wasn’t that the underwear was exposed, but that it was so easy to get my penis out. I normally wear boxer briefs that require me to pull down my pants because the underwear has no fly. In a real sense the thong was more convenient. Don’t get me wrong. I really dislike wearing women’s underwear. It doesn’t fit all that well and I look silly in it.

Of course, that isn’t the point. It’s a way for me to viscerally understand Mrs. Lion’s power. I don’t think she likes to see me in panties any more than I like wearing them. It’s harmless, lioness fun. We haven’t had much fun the last few months. Between my surgery, recovery, and recent allergies, I haven’t been in the mood for play. As a result, we’ve been pretty vanilla; at least as vanilla a couple can be where the male has panties on.

My serious lack of fetishes gets in the way of easy domination. I have a long flirtation with enforced chastity. That’s obviously true. But I’m not as addicted to it as many others. I think I’m affected more by the absence of kink than its presence. I need kink. I love sexy power exchanges. But I’m a more of an omnivore than someone addicted any particular kink.

You’d think that would make me very easy to please. But it doesn’t. I’m often too filled with my own ideas about how things should work. I don’t leave much room for Mrs. Lion to make something her own. Sadly, she usually takes my ideas as gospel. After all, it’s what I told her I want. She doesn’t necessarily care much about the activity; at least she doesn’t when she first starts out. Because I “help” her — Mr. know-it-all Lion — she will lose engagement and just do it by rote. We both lose.

We both have to change. I have to learn to keep my mouth shut. I should just make a suggestion and let it go. Mrs. Lion could help by using her paddle to remind me to shut up. If we work together, maybe we will both have more “fun”.