Slow and Steady

Lucky for Lion, I like playing with my food. Although I didn’t suck out any cream filling last night, I did take him for a very slow ride down edging lane. I’m sure he enjoyed himself but he would have preferred a happy ending.

I didn’t set out to try to edge him so slowly. I was just building things up and decided to see how far I could get. I don’t think I got him to the edge multiple times but by the time I was done he was at the edge. He was even bucking a little bit. He’s a very horny Lion.

I’m glad he’s horny. I’m glad he’s feeling better. He’s not completely over his latest allergy attack but he’s much improved from the other day. He can handle bodily contact. I think he may even be up for pegging. And playing. And Zapardy!

I’ll need to keep the house cleaner so I don’t stir up so much dust at any given time. I’ve never been a good cleaner. I can live with messes. Lion’s not really a good cleaner either or things wouldn’t get so far out of hand. We both tend to leave things laying around. Ironically, the dog, with all her toys, is the only one who doesn’t leave much laying around. She’s been sequestering her toys under the bed for the most part.

So the goals from now on are to play more and clean more. Lion will appreciate both.