I Call the Shots

Lion is worried that he’s calling the shots as far as orgasms are concerned. He’s referring to a conversation in which I said he could have an orgasm any time he wants one but he doesn’t want one. I was teasing him because sometimes he questions why I gave him an orgasm. My response, aside from wondering why he’d question an orgasm, is usually “Why not?” or “Because I wanted to.”

He’s not calling the shots. He gets an orgasm for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes I’ve gone too far when I edge him and he gets one by default because I don’t want him to have a ruined orgasm. Sometimes it’s a special day (i.e. birthday or Christmas). Sometimes he’s horny enough for me to give him one. Whether that’s because I deem he’s waited long enough or he shows me he’s very horny and desperate. Sometimes I just want to give him one whether he’s horny enough, has waited long enough, etc. or not. Either way, it’s my choice.

Lion’s allergies have been killing him lately so there hasn’t been much action in the lion’s den. His last orgasm was eight days ago. Today he feels horny. He also feels yucky. We’ll have to wait till later to see if he wants to snuggle or if he’s up for more.