Not Quite Oz

My allergies continue to plague me. I suspect that something triggered a process that once started, is very difficult to stop. The reason my post is so short today (and late) is because I just couldn’t write last night.

Mrs. Lion thinks I am not interested in sex. When my throat and nose settle down, I most certainly am. It’s too primal to be completely obliterated by mere allergies.

Mrs. Lion said an odd thing the other day. I can’t quite remember the context, but I asked her about the frequency of my orgasms. She replied that I can have them when I want. Is our sexual power exchange ending? I hope not. I suspect that she took my recent writing to heart. I wrote that the male chastity power exchange is by the request of the male. It is. She apparently interpreted that to mean that the actual details are also under my control.

I didn’t mean that at all. Initiating a power exchange doesn’t necessarily mean controlling it once it’s running. No, I don’t want that. Yes, I want enforced male chastity and a FLR with discipline. But I don’t want to operate the levers behind the curtain. I’m not the author of what happens to me. I’m just the very willing victim.

Sometimes, Mrs. Lion takes it too much to heart when I mildly complain about an orgasm given too soon (in my view). Of course, I expect her to tell me, “Too bad. I want you to have one now.”

But since she does this to make me happy, my reviews of her performance mean a lot. The thing is, that I’m not reviewing, just whining. The absolute truth is that I never know what the right wait should be for me. It’s a good thing I don’t get to decide.

The fact that what we do is in place because it works very well for me shouldn’t be interpreted that I get to call any of the shots. I meant it when I said that my surrender is unconditional. In a very real sense, I have no say in when, or for that matter, if I get to ejaculate. I don’t make the rules. I don’t decide what punishments I earn.

All I get to do is request the power exchange and then live inside Mrs. Lion’s rules and boundaries.