Defining Sex For Me

One thing most any guy believes is that sex for him is complete when he ejaculates. Those of us practicing enforced chastity may have a very different idea. We don’t ejaculate most of the time we have sex. A small number of us ejaculate only a couple of times a year. Ejaculation is generally regarded as the major part of the male orgasm. “Ruined” orgasms, as some call them, are actual orgasms that occur prior to completion of ejaculation. More on that later.

By my reckoning, I am teased to the edge of orgasm about 25 times before I actually get to ejaculate. The real number is probably larger. But even with that ratio, I get to ejaculate 4 percent of the times I am at the edge. So  96 percent of my sexual experience does not include what we think of as an orgasm. Each of those non-ejaculatory experiences carries my strongest hope that this time I will get over the hill and ejaculate. That’s why it’s called edging.

Does that mean I feel frustrated 96 percent of the time? Do I really believe I will get to ejaculate each time I am edged? That would be crazy. I know full well that no matter how excited I get and how much I want this time to be the one, that I won’t be ejaculating. The truth is I like being edged. It’s the male equivalent of multiple orgasms. There is no refractory time between one edging and the next. When she gets going, Mrs. Lion can edge me six or eight times in a single minute.

A lot of guys like to pretend this isn’t fun. Of course it is. It’s amazing in its own way. To truly enjoy it, I have to stop believing the goal of sex for me is ejaculation. It’s not. For many guys, this new sex includes pleasuring their partners. It’s all about everything sexual except ejaculation. Can a man learn that ejaculation isn’t necessary for his sexual pleasure? I am sure he can. I can.

I love our edging sessions. On more than one occasion when Mrs. Lion let me ejaculate, I mentioned that I thought it was too soon. I think she considered me ungrateful for saying such a thing. I’m not. But I really love the repeated peaks I reach when edged over and over. She, and many other women, believe a male can’t have “complete” sex without ejaculation. We can.

Don’t get me wrong. I love to ejaculate too. But I think it is wrong to consider all those other experiences as something less. They’re not. They’re just different.



  1. Author

    I agree completely with you. My Queen believes that now too. So orgasms are rare for me. But I still very much enjoy sex!

  2. Author

    It’s kind of the same in our house. I am kept in chastity 24/7 except when I shower in which my wife watches me then locks me back up. Being released for sex is very rare. I may have one or two orgasms a year and that’s it. Even being in chastity I still feel like I’m on the edge of an orgasm when giving my wife oral but it never happens. I don’t mind being in chastity at all. In fact I feel naked without my cage on.

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    I am sure that over 99 percent of all men would find it impossible to believe that sexual satisfaction could be found in pleasuring your wife while being denied orgasm yourself.
    But, I have certainly found it to be true for me and I now much prefer to be edged and teased relentlessly with no hope of release for extended periods of time.

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