A Little Whine With Your Dinner?

Mrs. Lion put in hours and hours trying to clear dust away in my office and our bedroom. I’m hoping it will make the difference. Sadly, I can’t help. The very stuff I am allergic to gets kicked up during cleaning. A couple of years ago, I used the rug cleaner in our bedroom. I barely got done with the carpet when I had to use a rescue inhaler to breathe. I’m very grateful my lioness is willing to do all this work for my sake.

Until the itching skin, swollen eyes, stuffy nose, and sneezing stop, I can’t even begin to think about anything else. We did go out to dinner last night. That was fun and a welcome relief from the allergies. I also had physical therapy today that included a visit from my surgeon. I’m happy to report that I am making good progress with my shoulder. It’s been six months since the surgery. I’m just up to exercise with a two-pound weight. It will be another six months before I will be anywhere near normal again.

As you might imagine, sex is the last thing on my mind. I am also completely uninterested in being spanked. I am working very hard to avoid breaking any rules. So, for now I am out of commission. However, after Mrs. Lion doing a thorough cleaning and the dog getting a bath, I could be much improved tomorrow.

If so, I may have a much more interesting post tomorrow.

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    So sorry, I hope you feel much better soon. I do the house cleaning for my wife for the same reason, so I understand how unpleasant it can be.

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