Hot Fudge

I’ve gotten over my birthday. Happily, there is a lot of cake left. It is a wonderful rum cake Mrs. Lion got me. We have a couple of days’ worth left. Yesterday, I wrote about what works for me as a bottom. To my surprise, it turns out that I need dominant behavior from my lioness. I’ve always thought that “play” that includes male chastity isn’t something I actually need. I’ve always convinced myself that bottoming is an optional extra, like hot fudge on vanilla ice cream.

At this point in my life, I need that hot fudge. I know what you are thinking. “No big deal. Of course he is submissive.” Even if that is true, there is clearly more going on. Mrs. Lion never stopped being in charge. I never got to give myself orgasms. I came only when Mrs. Lion decided to get me off. I got punished for breaking rules. Yet, there was something missing.

I listed my thoughts on those things in my post yesterday. Mrs. Lion told me she would try harder. I’m grateful she is willing to do things to make me happy. I’m not sure how she will find her way to do them. All of the things I mentioned are not regular parts of our life together. She has done most of them in the past. After a while, they faded away.

It’s not her fault. I don’t think she dislikes any of my requests. It’s more that none of them are on her pleasure radar. She isn’t a list maker, so she has to rely on her memory of what was said. I think that is part of the reason things fade away over time.

That’s the problem with one-way activities. Unless she can find fun for herself in, say, making me wear panties, she will forget to put them out for me. It isn’t for lack of interest. It’s just that it does nothing for her. This applies to almost any of our activities. Rules and punishments are an exception. Somehow, we managed to habituate that behavior. Mrs. Lion enjoys the game of discovering me misbehaving. Punishing me isn’t really fun for her, but it goes with the territory. You have to find the fudge if you want a sundae.