Lion's shirt
This is the shirt I gave Lion for his birthday.

When I took Lion out to dinner Sunday night, a woman at a table near ours ordered spaghetti and meatballs. What she got was spaghetti and meatball. A giant meatball. Lion asked what we’d have for his actual birthday dinner and decided we could have pasta. Well, you know I had to make him a giant meatball. It just seemed so ridiculous. I had to.

While the giant ball of meat was cooking, I gave him his birthday swats. They weren’t hard at all. He probably barely felt them. They were punctuated by lots of rubs and kisses on his buns. I love Lion’s buns.

I gave Lion his birthday card and final gift when I walked in the door. Well, final gift if you don’t count playing later on. His present was a Hawaiian shirt. He grimaced. Pink flamingos! Yup. Pink flamingos. He said he thought you were supposed to get people things they wanted for their birthday. Yes. Indirectly, he wants the Hawaiian shirt.

If you recall, on our last camping trip I suggested getting Lion a Hawaiian shirt to wear as punishment. I know he doesn’t like Hawaiian shirts. He makes fun of people who wear them. He’s asked me to be in charge and punish him as I see fit. What better punishment than making him wear a silly Hawaiian shirt? Hence, he wants a Hawaiian shirt.

Lion’s actual last present was to be an orgasm. I wanted to give him an oral orgasm but that giant meatball was looming large in my stomach. Face down on the bed sucking Lion was not going to be a manageable position. Not to worry. My hand would have to do.

Once I got him a little hard, I put some clothespins on my balls. I didn’t go for a record. Only ten or so. Enough to pinch him in all the right places and make my weenie more excited. In the past I’ve yanked off a clothespin just after I stop stroking. I’ve figured if he’s near the edge, the pain of the clothespin coming off will keep him from going too far. This time I pulled them off randomly.

I edged him several times. I was even considering throwing caution to the wind and moving over to suck him when I went a little too far. He was going to have a ruined orgasm. Can’t have that! I salvaged it at the last second.

Tonight I assume Lion won’t be horny. I may be wrong. We’ll have to see what happens. I’m thinking it might be time for another pegging session. Then some snuggling and go from there.