Confessions Of A Bottom

Things are quiet in the Lions’ den.  We snuggled Monday night and Mrs. Lion played with my balls. I wasn’t having too much fun though. My allergies have been acting up. I was pretty uncomfortable all evening. Still, it was very nice to snuggle. I love the time we spend together. Of course, that doesn’t make terrific reading.

I’ve noticed that my behavior does change relative to my overall horniness. When it gets past a week, my submissive fantasy engine goes into high gear. My thoughts and posts veer sharply toward kinky submission. Before then, I still appreciate Mrs. Lion’s dominant actions, but I don’t make suggestions or give her reminders. Does that make me a horny-lion submissive?

It could be. We’ve both long suspected that I’m truly not a submissive male. I just like to act like one. Well, that’s not entirely true either. The reality is that I need to bottom. I don’t need to serve or feel inferior. My sexual fantasies are always around me bottoming. There is a big difference between submission and bottoming.

In terms of activities, they are pretty much the same thing. The big difference, I think, is how I feel. I don’t feel that I have to serve. I do like feeling Mrs. Lion’s power. As she can attest, I don’t always like what she does or makes me do. When those panties actually get laid out on the bed for me, I inwardly groan. I find no joy in spending the day in woman’s underwear.

I like the idea that Mrs. Lion punishes me for breaking a rule. I totally hate the actual punishments. As I wrote last week (post), I want her to escalate and really make me feel her power. Of course. at the time I was orgasm-free for over a week, so I was in my horny-paw-in-mouth phase. Now that I am post-orgasmic, I am not revoking my suggestions. They were good. I just don’t particularly enjoy the things that will happen to me.

There’s another thing. If I don’t get to bottom for a while, I lose interest in sex. That’s a clear sign of my need to bottom. Considering all this, it’s clear that my interest in a power exchange is sexually based. I suspect this is true of most of the men who read this blog. It shouldn’t be surprising. Enforced chastity is 100% sexually based. We have lots of different reasons for starting it. But, at the root it’s about being allowed to feel aroused but not being allowed to do anything about it. If you have no interest in sex, a chastity device is superfluous.

Spanking, etc. is similar. Why do we get hard when thinking about being spanked? Why do so many of us start our spankings with an erection? Most of us are quite flaccid by the time it’s done. Being spanked is one of the most common sexual fantasies for both sexes, especially me. Now you know the truth.