It’s come to my attention that many unmarried women have never seen a flaccid penis. That’s not too surprising. Their exposure is to erections, since men don’t normally display their cocks when soft. Many guys go to great extremes to avoid letting their dates see them after sex. It is likely they worry the small size of a soft dick will turn them off. There aren’t that many images around on the web of soft cocks either. Again, not surprising. As a result, some women are curious about what we are hiding.

We males think that our penises are attractive only when erect. Mine is quite tiny when soft. My chastity device has a very short 1 1/4-inch cage. Outside of its cage, it is still quite little. When erect it is about six-inches long. I am reasonably proud of that.

My point is that from a male perspective, there is no pride associated with a soft cock. We generally avoid letting women see it. So, in the normal course of things, soft weenies sightings are relatively rare.

Interestingly, enforced chastity celebrates the flaccid penis. An erection is actively prevented by the chastity device. A soft cock is a chaste cock. Right?

Possibly the most perverted thing about enforced chastity is that we chaste males display our flaccidity with pride. It is the badge of compliance. See? I’m a good boy. An erection is a treat provided only by our keyholders.

Does this mean that women might prefer viewing flaccidity? Do erections carry a message that the woman is expected to do something? A flaccid cock, on the other hand, is a neutral expression of gender. That little thing between his legs identifies him as a male, not a sexual obligation.

The enforced chastity fantasies almost always refer to the caged (soft) male providing unselfish sex to the keyholder. Lack of erection while providing sexual service is the primary virtue of chastity to some. The idea is that the male identity remains (the presence of a penis), but the sexual obligation for the woman is gone (the flaccid state of that penis).

Ideally, the penis remains flaccid until the woman wishes to make sexual use of it. In a sense, she has a switch she can use to inflate or deflate it. The cage is that switch. His desire for sex is irrelevant. She and she alone switches his cock on and off.

Many guys find that idea incredibly hot. I’m pretty sure it isn’t that exciting to women. In fact, the state of his penis isn’t important at all to her. She knows he won’t rape her. An unwanted erection flopping around might be funny to her.

Other than curiosity about viewing a flaccid penis, there is no good reason why a woman cares if a guy is hard or not. Her interest only occurs when she wants him erect for sexual reasons. She knows she can usually produce an erection with a little effort if she wants one.

All this fuss over flaccidity and chastity is, I think, a male artifact. The state of my cock is of great interest to me. I don’t think Mrs. Lion thinks about it much. She doesn’t care if I am hard or soft as long as I don’t play with it. She does want it hard if she plays with it. Anything else is in my head, not hers.

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    A great insight! I will have to share that with my wife.

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