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I was just reading Lion’s post for tomorrow. Normally, I don’t read his until mine is written. I don’t want to step on something he’s written about. It would be incongruous if I suggested locking him back up, for example, and his post for tomorrow was his desire to be locked back up. It’s not, by the way. But I would seem psychic. Besides, we tend to be on the same wavelength most of the time anyway. I’ll write my post, schedule it and I’ll notice his is already in there so I’ll read it. And, wouldn’t you know, we’re both talking about locking him back up anyway.

Anyway, what caught my eye is that Lion has had 48 orgasms in 2017. I don’t know what week of the year we’re in right now but that averages out to more than one a week at this point. There’s nothing wrong with that. I just don’t think of his orgasms as being weekly or monthly. He has them when I give them to him. I know I don’t make him wait long. He’s also had his health issues along the way. He hasn’t felt as horny as he might have been. And then when he has felt horny, I’ve given him an orgasm right away. It’s sort of defeated the purpose.

I’m not suggesting I’ll make him wait for any extended period of time just because I realized he’s on target for one a week. I have decided to make him wait a few days this time around. I was planning on giving him one this weekend, but he said he figured out his birthday present was an orgasm on Monday. Well. OK. If he wants to wait that long. He said he didn’t mind an orgasm sooner. Of course not! He’d be thrilled with one Saturday and Monday. Less thrilled with Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, but I bet he’d power through like a trooper. A guy’s birthday only comes around once a year, after all.

I guess my only question now is, do I hold him to an orgasm a week for the rest of the year or do I go for a record and give him more than last year? I bet he has that number somewhere.

[Lion – Of course I do. Last year (2016), I had a total of 58 orgasms. There are 12 more weeks left in this year. So far I have had 48. So, if I get one a week for the rest of the year, I will at 60, which of course, is greater than in 2016. Is the goal for me to have more every year?]


  1. Author

    It turns out that for the past few years, one of my birthday “presents” has been *not* getting an orgasm. Our anniversary is just four days later, so my wife takes the opportunity to give me an extended tease for my birthday, instead of a release.

    Of course, with the sort of sensibility that seems to exist in subs everywhere, she didn’t notice this until I pointed it out to her, at which point she decided that that’s the way it would be from now on.

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