The Myth Of Maintenance Spankings

It’s been a while since I’ve been spanked. That’s a good thing, I think. Against the odds, I’ve managed to avoid spilling food on my shirt. I pay close attention to when Mrs. Lion starts eating and wait until she starts or tells me I can. I’m proud of that.

I have interrupted her a few times. She’s let me know I was doing wrong and I shut up. She chose not to punish me. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I have been under the weather. I appreciate that thoughtfulness. I also know the party will be over now that I am feeling better.

This brings up some feelings of dread. I don’t like being punished. But as my last punishment gets smaller and smaller in my rear view mirror, my fear of retribution also diminishes. This is natural and of no real importance as long as I continue following my rules and obeying Mrs. Lion. However, it isn’t very exciting.

Of course, in a pure FLR with discipline excitement isn’t part of the equation. The relationship is all about obedience. In our case there is also a BDSM component in addition to our FLR with discipline. Being spanked, at least the idea of being spanked, arouses me. Even after years of punishments, I still consider spanking erotic until I get one. I’m turned on at the prospect. Once the paddle starts swinging, the erotic thoughts disappear. It just hurts. Nevertheless, I do fantasize about being spanked.

So, when I proposed our FLR with discipline, my request included regular maintenance spankings. The theory was that if the memory of a beating was never very far in the past, I would be more inclined to be obedient. In the cold light of analysis, the opposite is true. If the real objective is obedience, then any punishment given for no reason confuses its purpose.

In a purely disciplinary relationship, punishment is reserved for correction, not satisfaction of a fantasy.  Maintenance spankings make no sense in a disciplinary relationship. They have a negative effect. Now, that doesn’t mean frequent spankings won’t happen if desired. It’s easy for a top to find reasons to punish. I do something pretty much every day that would give Mrs. Lion a reason to punish me.

She decides when I reach the level of needing one. I suppose that if I want to be spanked, I could break a rule on purpose. If I try that and Mrs. Lion realizes what I have done, I know the punishment will be horrible. It won’t be something I want to fantasize about. Yes, spanking is a very popular BDSM activity. It is also the primary punishment tool in a FLR with discipline. For us, at least, it has to be one or the other. That means spanking is only used to punish me. It’s never something for “maintenance” or fun. [Mrs. Lion – I think Lion can still have play spankings. There is a difference between the two. If nothing else, I stop now and then during a play spanking to fondle his buns.]

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    Exactly how my Goddess believes. For punishment only. It is a regular scheduled session every other Thursday (Last week was a eye opener. She did let it fly this time)…. I too find it very erotic to receive a sound spanking, the whole scene excites me. But once in to I begin to wonder if I will make it all the way through or call “yellow” which I don’t want to do. I do appreciate her taking the time to discipline me. It is something deep in my psyche that it hits.

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