Vicious Cycle

clothespins on lion's balls.
Pinching my nipples that one time has serious and lasting consequences. Yes, those are his balls. (Click to enlarge)

I believe Lion is over his cold or reaction to the flu shot. He’s still got a bit of a cough and at times he’s still stuffy but he’s up and around. We went to the grocery store yesterday and that wiped him out. Obviously he still needs to rest.

Last night we didn’t play. We held hands a bit and I’m sure Lion will note we didn’t snuggle. What’s up with that? It did coincide with the day after an orgasm for him. He was tired. I was tired. I just needed some down time. It’s true I play on my iPad and vegetate a lot but I don’t turn my brain off. My brain is still flying, thinking about all the things that need to be done or what’s going on at work or what someone said. Maybe I need to learn to meditate.

I won’t say Lion thinks about sex all the time, but I know he sees weekends as free time that could be spent on sex and play, but there are these damn chores that need to be done and he isn’t able to help with most of them yet and that means they take longer and then I’m tired and I don’t want to play. Vicious cycle. I know he feels bad that he can’t help more. He’s just not able to lift or reach. He’s getting there though. Every PT session gains him a little more movement. I get the “look what I can do” when he’s able to move further. He has come a long way since the surgery and we aren’t even quite at the six month mark yet.

I’ll make sure I save some energy for Lion snuggles later. I may even put clothespins on my balls. And maybe a few on his boobies. I’m not sure he’ll ever be paid back for pinching my nipples those few times. Lion actions do have serious consequences.