lion's crotchless panties
Here’s Lion in his crotchless panties. I’m not sure exactly what they are for, but he is embarrassed to show you this view. [Click image to enlarge]
I had Lion model the last of his panties when I got home. There’s a crotchless pair (see image, right). What’s the point of that? I know it gives easy access but he can’t wear them any other time. It’s just like having no underwear on. He also tried on his bra. Very pink and lacy. The baby doll teddy was less of a rousing success. Lion needs to lose some of his tummy for it to look better. The matching thong looks nice though.

When he was done modeling I got out some paddles. He wondered what I was going to do with them. I’d promised him a play spanking. He’d forgotten. His shoulder was hurting so I offered to wait until today to play. This wasn’t a punishment spanking. I wanted him to be able to enjoy it. He finally got comfortable and I started off with my hand. No punishment spanking starts off this way.

As I progressed from my hand to a slapper and then a paddle, I checked in with him to see if he needed me to stop. His shoulder was hurting but okay to continue. His buns got pink very quickly but each time I stopped the pink went right away. It wasn’t the longest play spanking we’ve done, but I didn’t want to tax his shoulder any more and I was also hurting a little.

Lion said his buns were sore for a while after I stopped. It felt very similar to a punishment spanking. I guess it would. I mean, a spanking is a spanking. I’d think, though, that punishment would feel more severe because there’s less warmup and I get to the harder swats quicker. In the end (pun intended) his buns are still sore. Oh, and a play spanking can be ended at any time if there’s a problem, no matter how minor.

Today Lion is working from home. Before I could tell him to wear the purple thongs, he asked which underwear he was wearing. At first I was annoyed. He didn’t give me a chance. But then I realized that I’m probably going to forget at some point. Having him remember is much safer. I don’t think not remembering will be a punishable offense. I’m still not sure that he’ll have to wear panties every day or every other day. It may just be for special occasions or when I want to see those sexy buns in some lace or frills. For now I’ll decide what he wears each day.


  1. Author

    The point of crotchless knickers ( for a man at least) is that you are walking around conscious of of your “epuipment” dangling loose while your need to be wearing something feminine ,slightly humiliating is met.
    Once upon a time women did not wear panties ,so I suppose you could ask the same question of them.
    Lion must be mildly thrilled that you are happy(?) enthusiastic (?) willing(?) to provide him with feminine underwear and to instruct him what and when to wear it. Lucky Lion.
    I do hope that in your collection of knickers is a pair of white , silky ,frilly ,French knickers. Without going overboard about it , for me, they tick every box.

    1. Author

      I don’t know about Lion being “thrilled”. He rolls his eyes and grumbles a bit. However, I know it’s ticking some of his boxes too.

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