No Pleasing Me

Last night Lion asked if he was ever going to be locked up again. I intended to do it Saturday night after his orgasm, but I got sidetracked. I didn’t even think about it yesterday. He’s been locked up only for a few days since his surgery. At first he could barely manage using the facilities one-handed. Then when it finally went back on, he asked me to remove it because it was still too difficult. How do I know when it won’t be too difficult? For that matter, how will Lion? I guess it’s not an issue. It comes off almost every night anyway. I can just leave it off if he needs it off.

He said he likes being wild. I can imagine. I like not having to wear a bra too. Not that it’s the same thing. My bra does not say I belong to Lion. It’s not a reminder that my boobs are for his use only. Actually, he rarely touches them. And I’d be just as happy if they weren’t there at all. Not so with my weenie. It’s mine. And it’s mine whether it’s locked away or not.

Tonight, after I play with my weenie, I’ll tell him to put the base ring on so I can lock him away again. I guess it would have been a more powerful message the other night when I withheld sex if he’d been in his cage, but I think the diaper served a similar purpose. I don’t think he wanted to shove his hand into a wet diaper to play with himself.

Lion has already reminded me that it’s punishment day. Maybe he learned his lesson from Thursday. He says he’s due a punishment for interrupting over the weekend. I do remember him interrupting but it wasn’t annoying. I also remember him staring at me intently, waiting for me to finish what I was saying so he wouldn’t interrupt me. Actually, in an odd way, that annoys me more than his interrupting. It’s like he’s trying to hurry me along so he can talk. Maybe there’s just no pleasing me.

He’s suggested that the punishment fit the crime. For example, if he interrupts he should get his mouth washed out with soap. Obviously that works for infractions dealing with his mouth, but what happens if he spills food on himself? Still soap because he missed his mouth? If he forgets punishment day again? There’s no logical punishment for that. Nah. I’ll just decide what I feel like doing to him. That way I can switch things up as needed.