Saturday, after we came home from our explorations, we had take-out pizza for dinner. Then Mrs. Lion asked if I wanted to play. I did. I was very horny. She did some CBT and then gave me another gentle orgasm. It was nice, but it wasn’t a full orgasm. She wanted me to have more than one, but like last time, one was all I could manage. Happily I produced some semen. Sadly, she shared it with me.

I’ve been wearing my training collar all day every day on this trip. Mrs. Lion hasn’t had to use it. I suspect that she forgets it’s there. Good. She has been making most of the decisions. We may not be practicing full domestic discipline, but we are on the way. I’m still owed a maintenance spanking. I’m patient.

Our allergies are bothering us. Mrs. Lion was tired yesterday. Despite that, she made a delicious pancake breakfast. I’m not sure what we will be doing today, but there is no pressure to do anything. I’ve been watching DVD;s from our collection. The “Three Stooges” is on now. I do miss our satellite, but this will do nicely for this trip.

I’m glad Mrs. Lion allowed me to be wild on our trip. RV toilets are problematic when wearing a chastity device. Of course, orgasm control is always in force. Every so often I think about the fact that self-induced orgasms stopped almost four years ago. Mrs. Lion is my only source of release.

We had an interesting chat yesterday. I wondered if Mrs. Lion’s lack of libido is due to my lack of initiating sex. I asked if I could provide orgasms to her without asking. My theory is that in the beginning, even if she isn’t feeling interested, I should still do it. With my right arm out of operation, I can use the Magic Wand. It works wonders for me. I expect a combination of fingers and the wand will do the trick.

This will have to wait until we get home. I can’t maneuver well enough in the trailer. I’ve never been good at initiating, but then Mrs. Lion had never been dominant. If the lioness can learn, so can the lion. Evolution is slow for us, but we work until we get there.