Well-behaved Lion

Yesterday I had a kinder, gentler Lion. It helped, I think, that he read my post. He knew he’d be in trouble if he acted badly.

We started off the day searching for fresh fruit. Theoretically, there should be cherries and early peaches. Unfortunately the cherries are not very good this year. Apparently the weather didn’t cooperate. We bought some apricots and some peaches. They aren’t quite ripe so we don’t know how they taste yet.

After we had the fruit we went off on an adventure. Actually, we went to have lunch at a fun, farm-themed restaurant. Then we searched for a store to buy a few things. We’ve been to this area quite a few times so we’ve explored a lot. I’m sure there are still many things to find and we’re always amazed at the scenery or crops or buildings.

We got back around 4. On went the TV and DVD. After a few episodes, Lion asked what was on the agenda. I told him at the end of the show we were going to play and then I thought we’d have dinner. He was all for it.

In a store, we saw a yardstick and I joked that I should buy it for Lion whomping. It didn’t seem very hefty. It probably would have broken quickly. Lion suggested a paint stirrer. We already have one. I used it on his balls yesterday. As I was getting him hard, I whomped him with it some more and informed him I’d be trying for a gentle orgasm again.

Lion calls an intentionally ruined orgasm a gentle orgasm if it is done slowly. It’s just past the edge but not far enough to cause the contraction of a normal orgasm. Lion says ruined orgasms hurt. They are all of the fanfare without the fun.

I’m sure Lion was looking forward to a long play session. I was too. The last time we tried a gentle orgasm, Lion wasn’t able to have more than one. I was hoping we’d be able to do more this time. Unfortunately he could only manage one again. I don’t know if it’s because of his age, as Lion thinks, or because he’s not used to the idea yet. I told him we’d try again.

Lion wants to know if we can try for regular orgasms sometimes too. Of course we can. I was just trying out the new technique to get it right first. His next orgasm might be a regular one. He just never knows what I’m going to do to him.