Monday was punishment day.  I reminded her and she reciprocated with an extremely painful spanking followed by a little corner time. I admit that I’ve wondered about the value of corner time aside from the obvious boredom of standing there. It turns out that I also felt every little bit of the pain that remained after the spanking as I stood there with my nose against the wall.

Before last night, when the spanking ended, I would just turn over on the bed – Mrs. Lion spanks me lying flat on my stomach – and the sensation would subside quickly. That’s not the case when standing in the corner. Oh no, those old-fashioned disciplinarians knew what they were doing. Corner time truly gave me a chance to feel what my butt had suffered and to contemplate my offense.

I know that you may not understand why we do this. Well, as Mrs. Lion reminded me yesterday, it’s because I asked her. It’s true, I did. It came from my devastating curiosity. I wondered what it would be like… You know the rest.

Enforced male chastity was my first request. We tried it. I admit it; it remains fun for us both. It’s a form of secret bondage and a source of intimacy and fun for us both. We’re committed to continuing doing it.

Domestic discipline is another story. We embarked on it to muffle my dominant nature and amplify Mrs. Lion’s voice. The idea is that Mrs. Lion will feel free to express her feelings about me, us, and what I do. So far, that hasn’t happened. There have been brief flickers of lioness anger at me, but nothing definitive. As she said in an email to me yesterday, referring to her post when she said she beats me to make me happy, “Well you know what I mean. You’re happy when we do the stupid things you suggest. ;-)”

Sounds like this is all for my amusement. It isn’t fun at all In fact, I can’t remember punishment being fun when Mrs. Lion gets out her paddle. Of course, that’s as it should be. The big question is whether domestic discipline will ever help Mrs. Lion express herself? When I asked her if she wanted to stop DD, she told me it is too soon. She wants to keep trying. If so, why does she consider punishing me as an activity that makes me happy?

I think that as long as she thinks about domestic discipline as something I want, the changes won’t happen. She is removing herself from the equation. In a way, she portrays her role as my wish fulfiller. There’s no question that she is, but soon it has to be her decision to go on because she benefits.