Change Of Venue

It’s been very sunny around here lately. That’s a welcome change. It makes me think of summer and traveling. We only have three trips planned this summer. Normally we’d be gone almost every other weekend. We backed off this year because of Lion’s job. He’ll be traveling enough without going camping. The thing is, right now, a camping trip seems to be something that would signal more normalcy.

I was thinking about it yesterday and into today. Lion won’t be able to do most of the things he normally does to set the camper up once we get to our destination, but the act of camping would still be a normal summer thing we do. Maybe that’s why I half-jokingly suggested we set up the lawn chairs near the camper in the yard to sit in the sun. It’s just a change of venue.

For whatever reason, I did much better with the long list of tasks I had to do this weekend. We went shopping both days and I wasn’t overwhelmed at all with putting things away and cleaning up. I even managed to put away things leftover from previous shopping trips. Yes, the house has gotten fairly cluttered. I decided to chip away at it yesterday.

Last night I made sure the iPad was away for most of the night. Lion and I snuggled for a bit. I massaged my weenie and balls. It’s not that I didn’t expect a sexual response from Lion, but I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t get one. He moaned and said it felt good. That’s really all that mattered to me. I knew he was tired, in some pain, and his tummy was off. That’s a triple play that suggests no fun will be had. He’s also worried we won’t get back to our pre-surgery sex life. Worry never bodes well for excitement.

I’m not giving up though. Tonight we’ll snuggle again. If something happens, it happens. If not, we’ll try again the next night. Rinse and repeat. As long as I’m not bothering Lion with all my snuggling and fondling, I’ll keep at it.