my butt paddled with lexan paddle
I know that I am asking for this by writing this post. I think it is necessary. (Don’t ask me if I think so when Mrs. Lion actually spanks me)

Over time, things change. Male chastity and domestic discipline are no exceptions. Now that we are in our fourth year of these power exchanges, I’ve noticed some changes in both of us.

For one thing, activities that felt unnatural, even extreme, in the beginning are routine now. For example, spanking was something Mrs. Lion shied away from. For the longest time she avoided hitting me hard enough to make me yelp and approached spanking as something she really wanted to avoid. I’m not saying that now she doesn’t want to avoid it; she does. But, she has learned to administer very painful spankings each time I earn one. She has evolved into an effective disciplinarian. I’ve evolved too. I dread her spankings, but I admit that I am not all-that-careful to avoid breaking a rule. She, more often than not, will let me slide. She does this out of kindness, mostly. When she is Lioness 2.0, that kindness disappears.

The same is true of food spilling and interrupting. She said that she interrupts me and hijacks conversations as much as I do, so I think she feels it is unfair to punish me for something she is doing too. 2.0 wouldn’t agree. I’m the one with the rule, not her. Mrs. Lion has a wonderful sense of fairness. I love that about her. It seems to me that she may need to suspend it when it comes to managing me. It’s my behavior she is changing, not hers.

Tightening things up means swift and sure punishment for infractions. I also think that repeated infractions demand more severe punishment. The objective is to deter me, at least for a while, from breaking a rule. We have never practiced this escalating severity. I suggest we should. The point of punishment isn’t just retribution, it’s also education. Some lessons take a while to sink in.

Thanks to Mrs. Lion’s consistent use of the chastity device, there has been a true change in my sexual behavior. With or without the chastity device I have  no desire to masturbate. The last time I did that was in January 2014 at her request. I admit then when I am allowed to run wild (no cage), I do a little penis fondling. It’s never to the edge of orgasm, but I know I should keep my paws off. When the cage is on, I can’t do even that much. If that low level touching is acceptable to Mrs. Lion, I am safe to be uncaged.

Our oldest rule, which predates enforced male chastity by a decade, is the n0-clothes-in-the-house rule. I am to be completely naked when at home (unless we have visitors). The only exception is that if I am cold I can wear a t-shirt and socks. That’s it. I am expected to go straight to the bedroom when I get home and undress. Period. This has been slipping. I’ll often go to the kitchen or my office to take care of a “few things” before undressing. This is against my rule. However, Mrs. Lion has been permitting me to do this.

It’s true, delaying my nudity does no harm. But to me, it’s slackening of authority. There’s no question that my pre-stripping stopovers are efficient and make good logical sense. But it isn’t good for me. I have come to realize it is a regular inconsistency in discipline. I sometimes ask permission to delay undressing. I always get it. I suggest that this change. It’s letting me put my submission to Mrs. Lion on the back burner. Even if it feels artificial, at least at this point, I need consistent enforcement of all rules. I would even suggest that t-shirt wearing requires permission.

Now that I am well along in recovery, there is really no barrier to punishing me. Except for rare times I am drugged by meds that reduce my concentration, I suggest 2.0 be in attendance. It’s too easy after years of doing this to let up. It isn’t either of our fault. It’s just natural that as practices become part of our normal lives that we both pay less attention to them. I think we both should fix that. I also think that I could benefit from more requirements to obey; not necessarily rules, just requests that have the paddle and maybe corner time behind them.

Mrs. Lion has avoided associating our sexual activities with my behavior. It’s absolutely fine for me to be spanked at 8 PM and given an orgasm an hour later. I like this, of course. But I wonder if, from a disciplinary point of view, if I deserve sex after needing punishment for being naughty. Domestic discipline is isolated in terms of the rest of our relationship. Should it be?

Just as enforced male chastity has become an integrated part of our marriage, I wonder if we should be working to do the same thing with domestic discipline. Is a simple spanking enough? It can be. But there could be other effects in the “naughty lions don’t deserve…” vein. Should punishments include more than a sore bottom. Would soaping my mouth and then making me hold the bar of soap in my mouth during the spanking help send a message? I’m sure there are other equally unpleasant examples.

The reason I bring this up is that there is a limit as to how severe a spanking Mrs. Lion wants to administer. Add-ons increase severity without requiring worse beatings. This is all just my thoughts. Just like the point of spanking is to supply the most pain possible without permanent injury, the point of punishment in general is to stop a repeat of offending behavior. Similarly, expanding behavioral expectations increases my awareness of my lioness and her wishes.

In case you were wondering, I wrote this post when very horny.