Lion and a coworker made me realize that 2.0 will be needed for more than just the regular rules after Lion’s surgery. Beginning almost immediately, he’ll need to start physical therapy. Obviously not on his shoulder itself, but his wrist and elbow need movement to keep them from freezing up. He’ll be in pain. He won’t want to move. It’s my job to make him move.

Not only does he need to move his arm, he needs to walk too. And Lion has said he’ll have cabin fever within a few days anyway. As we were walking around Costco yesterday, I said it would be a good place to walk after surgery. It’s indoors and it’s huge. We don’t even necessarily have to buy anything. We can just stroll around for exercise.

Nurse 2.0 will have to make sure he’s taking his medicine correctly and eating and drinking. Lion is worried about becoming addicted to the pain meds. I don’t think there’s much risk of that, but I’ll keep an eye on him. When he’s on pain meds, he tends to stop eating and drinking. Nothing tastes right. Too bad. Water has no taste. He needs to drink enough. And he can’t heal if he doesn’t eat.

Lion has promised he’ll do his exercises. He’s got a vested interest in doing them. The better he follows the physical therapy instructions, the faster he’ll get better. I’m sure he doesn’t want 2.0 badgering him anymore than necessary.


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    2.0 – I have long thought Lion was blessed to have you as his partner.. This simply confirms same. I was in a similar role with my spouse, and for “victories” we managed to overcome what was commonly permanent disability. Not all aspects of the process were pleasant, hence 2.0 is called for, but a grateful Lion will be the result.

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      I am eternally grateful that Mrs. Lion loves me. 2.0 will be needed to help me recover.

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