I’m not back in my cage again. I asked Mrs. Lion to leave me wild. Sitting on the toilet and peeing at a urinal adds extra stress to my shoulder since both require my right arm as a helper.. She agreed to leave me wild until I’m out of the sling after surgery.That will be several months at least.

From a practical point of view, whether or not I am wearing the chastity device has no effect on my sex life. Mrs. Lion decides when I get stimulation and orgasm. I answered my own question about why I wear the cage. Clearly, it has nothing to do with orgasm control. It’s a practical symbol of our commitment to male chastity: a locked-on wedding ring. Taking it off for a while is a reasonable step under these circumstances.

Domestic discipline is another story. Mrs. Lion has made it clear that her authority remains in place through sickness and health. Physical punishment isn’t practical while I am wearing the sling. It’s too dangerous. I might hurt myself when responding to swats. Other punishments, like standing in a corner are also difficult due to the pain and possible loss of balance the surgery creates. If I need more than a verbal rebuke, I am confident my lioness will figure out something appropriate.

Both male chastity and domestic discipline usually occupy some of my attention. Health issues are major distractions that sometimes cause people to suspend or abandon their kinks when misfortune strikes. I can understand that. At stressful times you have to reprioritize to accommodate the situation at hand. Male chastity and domestic discipline are likely to end up on the bottom of the list.

As it turns out, that’s not the case with us. Both practices are important enough to us to find places in our lives despite these new challenges. When I think about it, nothing need change to accommodate my surgery and subsequent disability. Yes, we have to adapt. Spanking is out for a while, but Mrs. Lion’s authority isn’t out at all. In terms of chastity, my interest in orgasms will probably disappear for a while. But when the desire returns, it won’t get satisfied until Mrs. Lion decides she wants me to come. The cage isn’t required. I won’t cheat.

I think it’s fairly easy to give up a kink. But it is much more difficult to change parts of our lifestyle. Both male chastity and domestic discipline are now deeply embedded in our relationship. We may have to get creative about it, but both will remain; surgery or no surgery.


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    It seems reasonable that if Lions chastity and domestic discipline punishments are suspended that Lions orgasms should also be suspended until ALL can be reinstated.

    1. Author

      I don’t see the logic there. We are not suspending either. Mrs. Lion decides what sexual stimulation I get whether the cage is on or not. Domestic discipline is still in full force.

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      I have to mrs lion is a lot more understanding then my mistress. Recently having a work related injury to my shoulder as well she decided that cage went back on when I went back to work. With workers comp you know that they always send you back before you should return.

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