Return of the Cage

I’ve decided we’re playing this weekend. I’m not sure what we’ll do or exactly when, but it needs to happen. It probably won’t be in the sling because that may be difficult for Lion’s shoulder. I’m sure I can still tie him to the bed with some minor adjustments in position. I can still spank him. I can still blindfold him. He can still wear diapers or nail polish. We just need a break from shoulder surgery talk for a little while.

Last night was the end of our orgasm a day experiment. It passed with little fanfare. Lion was itchy, tired and his shoulder hurt. Plus, we were in preparing for surgery mode. Lion remains wild because I just now realized our experiment is over. I’m sort of torn between locking him up and leaving him wild. While he has decided to get the surgery, he wants to hold off until May. That leaves at least a month for him to be wild. If I don’t lock him back up, it may look like I don’t care if he’s wild or not. If I do lock him up, he’ll whine for the first few days while he gets used to his loss of freedom. I’m leaning toward locking him up. He’s been wild for a long time and will be wild for an even longer time after his surgery. And, since he’s no longer eligible for an orgasm whenever he’s horny, he may be tempted. I can’t have that. The cage will go back on tonight.

Lion has been carefully following his rules. I think I’ve been a little lax on his interrupting me. I’ll have to crack down again. It shouldn’t matter if he’s in pain or not, he should mind his manners. Obviously, if it’s an emergency, he can interrupt. Otherwise, he’ll receive a visit from a paddle. He’ll have plenty of time when misbehaving won’t count against him once his surgery is done. That still doesn’t mean he has free reign. I will correct him. I just won’t punish him. He will know he’s done something wrong.

I think Lion will, ultimately, like the return of the cage and some normalcy. It’s been a rocky few weeks. Right now it’s the calm before the storm. There’s a lot of work to do to prepare for that storm, but he can also have some fun along the way.