Getting Lion Well

Today Lion gets an MRI for his shoulder and then we hope he’ll find out what to do about it. It could be anything from nothing to surgery. Either way, I hope he finds out how to get rid of the pain. I’ve suggested everything from massage to heat to ice to a TENS unit. I don’t like to see my Lion in any pain I didn’t cause.

Needless to say, Lion hasn’t been interested in sex. In addition to his shoulder pain, his allergies have been horrible. Today is my half-day at work so I’m going home to do an extra good cleaning of the bedroom. All the nooks and crannies that dust likes to hide that don’t get really clean from a normal vacuuming. I may not be able to help with his pain, but I can help with his allergies.

I guess you could say our experiment with daily or near-daily orgasms is a bust. I was just thinking last night that Lion will hate to go back into the cage when our experiment is over. He’s been wild for weeks now. Initially it was because he wasn’t horny. Then he had doctor appointments. Now he has the MRI. I almost mentioned the newer, non-metal cage, but he doesn’t need to be distracted by anything other than his MRI right now. Plus, it’s not the end of our experiment and he’s not horny. He’ll remain unlocked for another five days, unless he gets horny or has more appointments.

Depending on his mood tonight, I may have him wear diapers this weekend. Only when we’re home. I haven’t decided the parameters yet. It’s only if he feels up to it. Pain and allergies take a lot out of a person. I don’t want to push. Last night, Lion self-reported that he forgot to wear the training collar when we went out. I’ve postponed his punishment till tonight because he didn’t want any possibility of having a bruise before going for his MRI. He also interrupted me, but I also did something to him that I hate when he does to me: I took a conversation about him and turned it around to be about me. He pointed it out. I agreed. I think the interruption is cancelled out by my high-jacking the conversation. Fair is fair.

If Lion is not in the mood for anything, I may postpone his punishment again. I’m trying to be fair with all the extenuating circumstances. Lion isn’t attempting to get away with anything. Delaying punishment gains him nothing. The longer we delay, the more chance he has of getting more punishment added. Eventually I’ll catch up to him. My mother (the one who had to get her own switch for punishment) and her siblings sometimes ran from my grandmother to avoid their punishment. It never worked because my grandmother would punish them more for running away. She always caught up with them.

My only concern right now is to get Lion better. Some spring cleaning will help the allergies. Then we can go after the pain.