It Doesn’t Echo Inside A MRI

I went for a MRI yesterday. It’s the second one I’ve had. The first uncovered my rotator cuff tear. This one is to see if the surgery worked. Based on my poor progress in physical therapy and the pain I still feel, last week the surgeon proclaimed that the surgery failed. Being me, I wanted a little more than his educated guess. So, I asked him if I could get a MRI to confirm his suspicion. He pointed out that nothing changes either way; I still need the same physical therapy.

But I have to know. He may have performed thousands of these surgeries and is infallible in his proclamations. But you know me. I just can’t leave things alone. So yesterday afternoon I spent a miserable half hour inside a giant magnet. This MRI is different than the one that I visited the first time. The tube is larger and it is three times as powerful. That means the magnet is three times stronger.

I was allowed to wear my street clothes, including shoes, in the first procedure. Yesterday, I had to strip to my underpants and put on scrubs. I had to take my shoes off too once we got into the magnet room. Julie snarked yesterday that I should have been put in panties for the MRI. It wouldn’t have mattered to me. I had much more on my mind. I was massively uncomfortable. The position on the table made my shoulder hurt. Each time they ran a scan, I swear the pain increased even though nothing, including me, moved.

Today I see the surgeon and we will look at the results. I hope that the scan proves him wrong. It probably won’t.

If you’ve been reading our posts for a while,  you know that my curiosity often gets me into painful trouble. I helpfully suggest things Mrs. Lion can do to handle me. They’re always painful and most of the time, I’m sorry I opened my big mouth. Who bought almost all of her paddles? Yup, me. Who suggested domestic discipline? I’ll give you a hint; it wasn’t her. I’m the architect of my own demise. Sadly, I’m a very good architect.

The same curiosity that drives me to provide Mrs. Lion with new ways to torture me, drove me to get this second MRI. I just need to know. I can’t simply accept the doctor’s opinion. I need to know the same way I need to feel the fresh hells I discover.

In this case, if the MRI confirms that the surgery failed, I think I can accept the news. The main reason I wanted the operation was the nearly-continuous pain my injured shoulder gave me. I had gone through two cortisone injections. Each one gave me about three months of pain relief. Two was the limit. So, I agreed to the operation. That horrible pain is gone. I still hurt some of the time, but nothing like I had before. So, from that perspective the operation succeeded.


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    That’s bad luck with the operation! Just for reference, did you remove your device before the scan?

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      It was certainly off. You have to go through a very sensitive metal detector.

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    Of my research in my fetish, hypnosis, much of it is dealing with pain instead of using it for erotic purposes. Perhaps you can give it a try to provide some temporary, small relief on occasional minor pains you mentioned.

    Forget about the Hollywood portray or stage hypnosis. There are some autohypnosis techniques that doesn’t look anything like that and many people figure it out on their own without formal training.

    A simple technique is distraction. There are two simple ways to go about it. One is find something you enjoy, TV show, reading, blogging, or some hobby that you can focus your attention intensely on it. You enter a natural trance when you intensely focus on something. By paying attention away from the pain, you can receive a little relief. With practice you can get better at diverting your attention.

    The other distraction is to cause pain. For example, a severe spanking from Mrs. Lion. Then focus on that pain and how much more it hurts than the unwanted pain. Also knowing the pain caused by yourself can be controlled, you are programming your unconscious to learn to control the other pain.

    When a man is watching football on TV, he is awake to the game but asleep to wife calling him to dinner.

    The autohypnosis techniques train your unconscious to put your pain to sleep, under your conscious control.

    It does take practice to get better at it. But costs little time and no money. You don’t have to go anywhere. I highly doubt a professional hypnotist can do a better job than yourself.

    If it doesn’t work for you, you haven’t lost anything. Besides, it can be a fun DIY project if you make it fun. “My shoulder hurts! Spank me!” 🙂

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      I knew a guy who had a horribly painful disease. His relief came from extremely painful play, like hanging him from hooks inserted in piercings in his chest. You can only feel pain from one source at a time, so if you feel pain in a way you want, the chronic pain is gone for a while. The shoulder pain occurs at inconvenient times; mostly when lying down. So, spanking when I a trying to get to sleep isn’t too practical.

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        No, that wouldn’t be practical at all.

        I was thinking more of a mental distraction, recalling a memory as vivid as you can, focusing on it, to distract from the pain. It doesn’t have to be another pain. Any memory you pick would be work.

        A spanking is just an example. Few minutes prior offers fresh memory to recall.

        I sometimes busy my mind with the future too. Creating a to-do list and memorize it. Planning tasks for the coming days.

        The basic idea is to keep the mind from the pain. Does it work? That’s for you to decide.

        I’m not going to say it’s effortless. It’s a lot of mental effort. More often than not, I’d pop a few ibuprofens rather than exerting the mental effort.

        I apologize for going off topic. Your blog have been helpful and I just have the urge to reciprocate.

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