There seems to be two routes into male chastity: Hardware and BDSM play. A lot of guys discover enforced male chastity when they find male chastity devices online. It’s a tiny jump to discover endless male chastity fantasies on various sites all over the Web. The BDSM route is a bit more circuitous. Many male-submissive stories talk about orgasm denial where the female dominant teases the poor subby male to the edge of orgasm but just won’t let him ejaculate. This is super-hot play when he is tied down. It was my introduction to orgasm control.

At some point the idea of actually wearing a male chastity device will rise to the top of his consciousness. The next step is ordering one. In some cases, the male will discuss the idea of hardware with his partner before ordering. In either case the intention is to lock up his penis and only unlock it when his keyholder wants access.

The vast majority of couples that do this limit his lockup time. The male chastity device isn’t worn full time. It goes on for some weekend fun once in a while. Orgasm denial including a male chastity device is added to the play options the couple enjoy. The CB2000, granddaddy of practical male chastity devices, was invented for just this purpose.

Some guys, like me, wonder what it would be like to have to wear a male chastity device all the time. In a very real sense I would permanently lose control of my penis. That idea turned me on. Clearly, I am in the minority. Most men who want to play with orgasm denial want their vulnerable time limited to predefined play sessions.

That makes sense. Very few people choose to do any full time power exchanges. It requires a level of commitment that almost no one is prepared to invest. We started male chastity in trial mode. Either of us could stop it at any time. Mrs. Lion expected we would both tire of it quickly. To our surprise we didn’t. We are more committed to it than ever. Male chastity is an integral part of our marriage.

We aren’t typical. Things just happened to click for us. We weren’t trying to make male chastity part of our lifestyle. It just works for us. I wear a chastity device almost all of the time. Occasionally I go “wild”. Even without the cage the rules don’t change. I have given up ownership of my penis. I am not permitted any sexual touching, period. We’re well into our fourth year of male chastity.

Nobody can tell you if this is for you. My suggestion is to try it and see. Read some of the material here and in other similar blogs. If you find reading about it hot, you may find trying it even more fun. Who knows? Maybe after sampling male chastity, it will become part of your lifestyle too. Welcome to the club!


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    For me, it was way back in the dial-up days when I ran across a link to Altairboy’s site on a BDSM link page. I read through the stories and wondered “Man, I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to get laid; what kind of weirdo would even consider getting locked up?”

    A few months later, I ran across the link again, and read some more stories. And a month later I visited on my own, just to see what was new. Pretty soon, it because one of my regular visits (I even submitted a fiction story), and because of the nature of human perversity, I started fantasizing about it, and eventually started making my own devices. This was pre-CB2000. When the CB3000 came out, I just had to have one because it looked so cool.

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      That’s exactly how I discovered enforced chastity! It was back in the 90’s. I read everything on Altairboy. The site turned me on. I ordered a bunch of devices including an Access Denied belt which I reviewed. But never considered being locked up for more than a day. Now look at me!

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