Male Chastity Autopilot

Sometimes I wonder what we’re doing. I guess it’s similar to Lion not wanting to be punished and wishing he could just stop me from doing it. Lion has been fairly good lately. There hasn’t been any need for punishment this week. We’ve settled into an every other day or so orgasm schedule, depending on Lion’s allergies. Because he hasn’t been given an extended wait, he hasn’t been super horny so he hasn’t been in the cage. (He also had a doctor appointment today that required he be wild.) It’s been almost like autopilot. Maybe a self-driving car. We’re just along for the ride. So why do we need the cage at all? And who cares about the rules?

You can have male chastity without a cage. Once the keyholder or dominant partner takes control of the male’s orgasms, you’re practicing male chastity. Cage or not, if the male no longer has any say in when an orgasm occurs, he’s done. The cage may just be symbolic, as it is for us, or it may be needed to physically restrain the male from having an erection or trying to pleasure himself. I know there are times when Lion says it’s a good thing the cage is on because he’s so horny it is tempting to touch himself. I know he tries very hard not to cheat, but he has touched himself when he’s wild. For longer waits, it’s just safer to keep him locked up.

Lion also likes the security of having the cage on. It’s comfortable enough that he can forget it’s there, but when he feels it he knows that he belongs to me and no one else can play with my weenie. I am in control of when my weenie is wild and what sort of fun he’ll be having when he’s allowed out to play. When I lock him up after he’s been wild for a while, he complains about the cage. He’ll say he likes to be wild. I think he just doesn’t like the transition back into the cage.

The rules are in effect unless I suspend them for a certain reason. I may be lax in enforcing them from time to time, but they are in place to remind Lion that I am in charge. If he wants to interrupt me, he does so at his own peril. Some of them are stupid, nothing rules, like spilling food on his shirt. Why is that one still on the books? There’s actually a very good reason. It was created to give me practice at punishing him. We started out small. Since there’s really nothing I want to change about Lion, I had to pick something. I’m all but assured Lion will spill something at some point during the day. Nitpicky? Sure. But even when Lion is on his best behavior in other areas, I still get swatting practice for spillage.

Obviously, some of the rules are more important than spilling food on himself. Not eating before I do and not interrupting me are just good manners. We don’t have any rules that are for Lion’s safety (unless you count the safety of his buns) like telling a kid not to talk to strangers or look both ways before crossing the street. Lion has been taking care of himself for many years without reminders of how to keep himself safe. I really do need to work on some more rules, though. He needs to feel my power.