Lion had his first chance to choose his own paddle for punishment. He spilled food on his shirt during dinner. He picked a light-ish wooden spoon. Ordinarily, I might have told him it was too light. However, I wanted to prove to him that it doesn’t really matter how light a paddle is. I can still make his butt burn. As a matter of fact, his butt bled a little. I think it was because it’s a slotted spoon and the slots are not exactly smooth. Maybe we can sand the edges to make it smoother.

The stinging/burning lasted a very long time. I guess he’s not safe no matter what paddle he chooses. I was actually thinking I should make sure there are no light paddles to choose from. Apparently it’s not an issue. He also felt the need to tell me he wasn’t happy that he had to choose his own paddle. Awwww, poor thing. If he doesn’t want to choose a paddle, he shouldn’t get into trouble.

The problem with making his butt sting is that it was harder to get him aroused later on. I think I only managed to edge him once. Then I decided we could pick up with the orgasm of the night experiment. I’d told him if he was horny, he’d have to go back into the cage, but, I reasoned, if he had an orgasm he wouldn’t be horny. Not horny, no cage. So I worked him up to the edge and he was bucking away. And then it stopped. Done. All gone. No orgasm. No erection. Of course, Lion said he must be broken. My theory is that he was bucking and must have landed on his butt in such a way that he felt the stinging again and that was all she wrote.

This morning he reports that the Lion weather is hot. If he can make it without punishment today, he may get lucky tonight. Last night he said he didn’t really want to come anyway. Obviously it doesn’t really matter what he wants. He didn’t want to get punished either and he saw how that worked out for him.