Male domestic discipline is one of the most misunderstood practices around. There’s a good reason for this. The concept came out of some Christian sects that believe wives must be subject to their husband’s physical punishment. Most of us consider this spousal abuse, but there are people who believe the Bible tells them to do it. There is no consent required from the wives.

Mrs. Lion and I practice domestic discipline. I am the disciplined husband. The male version of this is considered a consensual sexual kink. The reason it is stems from the fact that the males ask their wives to take on the role of disciplinarian. I asked Mrs. Lion to do this for me.

Every couple has its own reason for adopting this practice. In our case, I wanted my wife to be able to freely express and enforce her wants and needs. I felt that she put herself in the background and frequently failed to get what she needed. I worried about this because I want her to be happy and free to express herself. I am also massively turned on by the idea of her spanking me.

So, I had one good motive and one questionable one. I had no idea of how domestic discipline actually feels. This is exactly how I got into enforced chastity. That worked out very well for both of us. So, I asked Mrs. Lion to be my disciplining wife. She agreed.

Over the months I was given some behavioral rules. Infractions earned a spanking. Until very recently those spankings were hardly more than the “play” kind I got from Mrs. Lion. I had no real incentive to obey my rules. After reading more about disciplinary spanking, I realized that we both misunderstood the practice. Mrs. Lion avoided hitting spots that were particularly sensitive. She took it easy with her paddles. Then one day I read something I hadn’t considered: Spanking is supposed to be as painful as possible. Wow! Really? A spanking should be paced to assure the male stays in place until properly punished. Bruising is desirable.

I communicated this to Mrs. Lion. She reluctantly agreed to the idea. My spankings became horribly uncomfortable. Within the space of a few weeks I dreaded punishment. I work as hard as I can to avoid a spanking. That’s what real domestic discipline is about.

I still like spankings, but not punishments. Just 8 punishment swats have me starting to sweat. I realize that this is just the beginning; Mrs. Lion’s training wheels. When she gets into her swing, so to speak, the spankings will be longer and even harder to take. As Mrs. Lion tells me, I control spankings. Follow my rules and be obedient and I need never get another. She’s right. But that’s unrealistic. Punishment is supposed to be as unpleasant as possible. Obedience is rewarded.

Perversely, when I have some distance from my last punishment, domestic discipline still feels like a sexy game. That’s my male mind that is so strongly wired to sex. But when I break a rule, I don’t feel sexual at all. I know what’s coming and I am not happy about it.

While the fantasies imagine that domestic discipline just starts one day in full force and the rest follows at once, that isn’t true for us. Like enforced chastity, it is a slowly evolving aspect of our relationship. I can see changes in both of us that encourage me. These changes are fueled by the reality my obedience and the severity of the punishments. For us, domestic discipline isn’t a game. It’s an evolving part of our relationship.