It’s been less than a week since Mrs. Lion told me that all my underpants are to be red. I managed to locate some on Amazon that made it in two days. So all my other-colored underpants are now packed away and inaccessible. I modeled the first pair for Mrs. Lion on Wednesday night. She likes them and fingered the soft fabric. She rarely sees me in any underwear. I am naked at home. I undress as soon as I get in. In the morning, I generally dress after Mrs. Lion leaves for work. She does see them in the laundry basket, but not on me.

Her choice and the change I made to accommodate it isn’t as significant as the fact that she made the decision. She said that she really didn’t mean I should only wear red underwear. She claims that was my interpretation. It probably was. I like the idea of “always” and “never”. I always enjoyed hearing about guys who discover one morning that all of their underwear had been replaced by panties. It’s not the fact that panties are women’s undies. It’s that a decision that affects the way the guy lives was made without any warning or consultation. I think that’s hot.

The Red Underwear decision felt similar to me. Yes, it would have been hotter if I opened my underwear drawer one morning and found nothing but red bikini underpants. But having to replace my collection myself is a very close second. I wonder if my interpretation of her comment was fueled by my long wait for my next orgasm. Is this a symptom of extended frustration? I think it is likely that’s the case.

This is the first time that I can attribute personal changes to my extended wait. I suspect that if all my waits are this long, the changes would disappear. Maybe not. I just don’t know.

I also bought a couple of new butt plugs as well. I’ve been fantasizing about anal stretching. I wonder if these purchases are my way of sublimating my inability to come.

While I am not that fond of things up my ass, I do consider that activity as sexual. I feel the same way about hot stuff applied to my balls. It’s S/M foreplay. Except in my case, it isn’t foreplay; it’s the entire sexual experience. I wonder how Mrs. Lion feels about this. So far all we have done is daily edging. That is incredibly exciting to me, of course.

The bigger question is what works for Mrs. Lion? Does any of this activity do anything for her? I don’t mean that it turns her on. I wonder if she finds any of this fun on any level. Given my current wait, I know she is getting into challenging me. I wonder if anal expansion would also be a challenge worthy of her consistent effort. Would tying me down and putting hot stuff on my balls do anything for her? Would it be arousing for me to be the object of these challenges? We shall see, I imagine.

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    Interesting concept on sublimating the inability to come by other activities. I have also had thoughts of switching the focus from my penis to my balls and anus as I get older and have less erections. I also am interested in experimenting with anal stretching. My wife has suffered with hemorrhoids for many years and has little interest in potentially causing me to have that problem.

    Of course I am a male who thinks with his penis and thinks that stretching my ass would be great fun along with putting hot stuff on my balls when I am not wishing my wife would be squeezing and crushing them.

    Back to the red underwear, I am one of those men who just wish my wife would make me wear panties from now on. I bought a six pack of panties recently, just so she could have me wear them for the whole work week. She really does not understand why I would want to do such a silly thing and certainly can’t be bothered to “make” me wear them.

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