Lion and I are having an email exchange, as we normally do on a workday. We’re talking about his longer-than-usual wait this time around. Last night he seemed annoyed that he still had to wait until March for an orgasm. He made it seem like it was news to him. We had discussed it last week. I’m pretty sure he was coherent for the conversation. Since he was annoyed, I wondered if I was pushing things too far. He assures me I’m not. I still worry.

In some ways, despite all the strides I may have made, I’m still a scared little kid afraid that I’m going to do the wrong thing and no one will want to play with me anymore. I think that feeling will always be there, no matter how well I try to hide it. I was also just wondering where the hell 2.0 is. She’s been AWOL for a very long time. I don’t think I’ve assimilated her. At least, I don’t think I have.

It seems to me 2.0 would have taken great pleasure in Lion’s frustration. She would be looking at dates into April for Lion’s next orgasm. She would make sure his butt was unable to sit comfortably for at least a day after some of his infractions. She’s just that kind of bitch.

If I had to give myself a number, I’d say I was at 1.75 right now. (Although some days it feels like I’m at a negative number.) Maybe 2.0 is off strategizing with 3.0 to get me to 2.5. I don’t even want to know what 2.5 has in store for Lion. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t either. But we’ll get there, slowly but surely.

For now, 1.75 is going to try not to give Lion a ruined orgasm on his way to 22-plus days. And she’s working out the best way to make punishment more “memorable”. Lion has been adding to her bag of tricks, with slappers and butt plugs. He’s a glutton for punishment in more ways than one.


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    I think you’re doing a fantastic job. Mr Lion is very lucky to have you to play with him.I think Mr Lion thinks 2.0 is here already

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    Dear Mrs. Lion, I just started reading your blog this week, and have read only a few posts, so I don’t really know what is going on yet. But I want to respond to your uncertainty, to reassure you. Recently my wife and I were watching a movie at home and the dog needed to be taken for a walk. My wife told me to walk him. Normally, I would do so without hesitation, but I wanted her to pause the film so I would not miss anything. (I was enjoying it quite a lot.)
    She told me that she would not. I refused to go. She pulled out the wooden spoon, gave me a few swats, which normally will get me moving, but this time my own wish to see the entire film was too great.
    So she tossed the spoon aside and went back to watching the movie. After about five minutes, the dog started whining again, so she paused the film and I went with the dog.
    My wife is very marginally dominant. She likes having someone who does her bidding, but does not like to *be* dominant or resort to punishment.
    I was glad that I could see the entire movie, but the WHOLE time I was wishing, show me who’s boss. Pull me by the ear to the bedroom, pull down my pants, bend me over the bed and give me a belting until I really, really want to walk the dog and who cares about a movie.
    You see, I did want to see the film, but my greatest satisfaction would be to have a wife who makes sure that I do what she bids.
    So if Mr. Lion is anything like me, you don’t need to worry about excessive force. Before he gets that far, he will be begging to do what you instructed. And he will be *happy* to do it.

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    Just remember denial is in many ways and most of the time a greater gift than orgasm.

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    Mrs Lion , I just wanted to let you know that from my experience dominance is a rather fluid thing. It ebs and flows as the situations demand. That said, that fear of doing the wrong thing… thats a good thing and I hope you never lose it. As long as you have that fear , you will think through your decisions instead of reacting to a situation. Thats the best way to ensure you don’t actually do the wrong thing.

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