We’re Both Learning

Today is the 20th day since my last orgasm. I’ve only had one other wait this long. Mrs. Lion indicated that my wait will continue at least to 25 days, probably 26 which is the first of March. That would make February a one-orgasm month. I think there was only one other one-orgasm month in over three years of enforced chastity.

To my surprise, my interest in getting off is extremely high. I figured that over time I would lose interest. However, every night Mrs. Lion unlocks me and edges me unmercifully. I seem to get hard nearly instantly and work as hard as I can to ejaculate. Mrs. Lion is too smart to let that happen. When she is done, she waits as my erection subsides and then locks me up again.

In addition to the edging we spend a good amount of time snuggling. I love that. My desire for this contact seems to have grown as the distance from my last orgasm increases. I didn’t notice this when my waits were shorter. Mrs. Lion seems to be having fun with my frustration. She teases me about being horny as well as a lot of touching even when in my cage. It’s difficult for me to tell if this is real pleasure or if she is behaving this way because she knows I like it so much. I know she loves it when I come. I wonder if she has found a different pleasure in frustrating me.

As my wait wears on, I find that I am generating precum way after the edging. I can pee and then more than fifteen minutes after the edging I find sticky drops at the end of the urethra. This is new too.

At this point I know that my preferences have much less weight in her decisions regarding when I can come. I like that. I also like the teasing. I don’t get any special pleasure out of this very long wait. At least I don’t think I do. Things are different. Maybe I am more submissive. I don’t want to argue with her decisions. I don’t beg for an orgasm and I don’t grumble much either.

I don’t want to sound like I want one or less orgasms a month. I don’t. But I am absolutely prepared to accept that schedule if it pleases Mrs. Lion. She likes to say she is unpredictable regarding when I come. She says she makes that decision while masturbating me. I know that in this case she wants to beat my old record of 21 days. I think that motivates her to not give in to her desire to make me squirt.

She may also be learning from this experience. Impromptu orgasms, while fun, may also take some of the purpose out of enforced chastity. She might enjoy setting a goal and then surpassing it. It’s a challenge for her to not give in to my enormous desire to ejaculate.

Maybe this new resolve is related to her ability to punish me. She’s been learning to spank severely. Each spanking has had more intensity, but relatively short duration. The intensity is significant. She knows each swat is very painful and it is her intention to make it hurt as much as she can. The duration is probably related to her resolve. How much can she hurt me before she can’t bring herself to continue? Knowing her, she will experiment by keeping the intensity and extending the number of swats as she learns to embrace domestic discipline.

She knows I withdraw for a while after being beaten. I think that is challenging for her as well. I believe my withdrawal will become less as I learn to accept the punishment. I also think she will learn to disregard it the same way she ignores my yelps when she hits me. I think she realizes that she needs to harden those feelings to be effective as a disciplining wife.

The same may be true with enforced chastity. She may be learning to enjoy my frustration and the changes in my behavior that long waits produce. Or, she may just be experimenting. As with punishment, it’s not for me to guess or suggest; just accept.


  1. Author

    I haven’t had a climax since I had my heart attack in 2005…12 years ago.

    Due to many medicines I have to take and with Stage IV heart failure, I can not afford to have the joy of release of build-up sexual tensions.

    So a month of non-release is nothing to me.

    1. Author

      I’m sorry for your illness. Your lack of sex is medical. Enforced chastity is something completely different.

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