As you may have guessed, my posts over the last few days were written before I went to the hospital. It’s Saturday night and I am sitting up in my desk chair for the first time since all this started. I’ve had a healthy (prescribed) dose of opioids and it is working. My penis hurts most of the time and when I pee, the pain makes me yelp. Worse, one of the meds the surgeon prescribed makes my pee the color of an orange Easter egg. Enough of my whining.

Lately, I have been referring to Mrs. Lion’s weenie. This is public acknowledgment that Mrs. Lion owns my penis. I am very happy she feels this ownership. It is a great expression of accepting our power exchange. She calls it “My weenie” all the time. I like it. I’ve been trying to refer to it the same way in my posts. I’m not going to do that anymore.

I have a pet peeve. I hate it when people do inappropriate capitalization when they write. Things like “My Mistress was angry and She spanked me.” Or, changing first person references to lower case: “i like it when She tells me i am a worm.” It disturbs the flow of the story. So, if I always refer to my penis as “Mrs. Lion’s weenie,” it feels unnatural.

From now on I will refer to my penis, cock, etc. That doesn’t mean Mrs. Lion doesn’t own it. It just allows my writing to flow naturally. For the record, I belong to her. Locked in a chastity device, I can’t even get hard without her permission. That’s the way I want it. I’m so glad she wants it too.

I do call it “Your weenie” or just “weenie” when we talk.  It’s intentionally humiliating. So far she hasn’t punished me when I forget. She’s indicated she will start spanking me for forgetting at some point.

She’s been taking excellent care of me. I am very grateful that she loves me enough to help me even when I start acting like a toddler. I want to thank you too. Your expressions of concern mean a lot to me. I’m a very lucky lion.