Not the Good Kind of Pain

Lion is still a pain. I mean, he’s still in pain. He thinks he’s being a pain because he’s asking me to do things for him. He’s not asking me to do anything I don’t normally do. Granted, I may be doing more of those things right now, but he’d do the same for me. Glass of water? Coming right up. Snack? Coming right up. Lunch, dinner, glass of water? Yes, yes, yes. I don’t mind being his nurse. The only thing he’s missing is a call button, but I’m usually not too far away anyway.

To me, it seems like he’s in worse pain than last week, but he reminded me that he was in the hospital that first night so I missed all that fun. Right now I’m trying to keep him as comfortable as possible so he can feel better. The issue is that the doctor wanted him to drink a lot of water to get the residual anesthesia out of his system. Then he had to pee more. Peeing hurts. My weenie is in pain. And it’s not the good kind of pain. Lion wants to know, if it’s my weenie, why isn’t it hurting me? I guess I’m an absentee landlord.

Last week I suspended the rules until Tuesday, I think. Lion said he thought he was well enough for them to be reinstated. Silly boy. I’m not sure if he was nervous about surgery the next day or not, but Lion forgot punishment night on Thursday. I didn’t punish him because he was afraid the doctors would notice any bruises I may have left on him. Valid point. I said I’d catch up with him on Saturday or Sunday, depending on how he feels. For some reason, I didn’t suspend the rules for the aftermath of this surgery. This morning we had our weigh-in. Lion gained a pound or two. It’s logical since he hadn’t been eating before the first surgery and was able to eat after it. So now he’ll be punished for gaining weight.

I was thinking about the whole weigh-in thing though. First, I should have suspended the rules after this surgery too. Second, obviously he’d gain weight on the eating week versus the non-eating week. Third, should we be doing averages instead of progress from one week to the next? What kind of average? I don’t know. Two-week rolling? Four-week rolling? Maybe it’s good the way it is. I think it would have been different if Lion really worked hard to lose those pounds the first week and then went crazy eating cookies and candy the next week to gain those pounds. But he was sick. That has to count for something.


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    You’re in charge. Can’t you decide not to enforce any weight gain violations for the period immediately following the second surgery?

    Seems like a kind and reasonable thing to do.

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