Poor Lion is still in a lot of pain. Although he’d like to avoid taking the pain pills, he has to take them. When he pees, he screams. Well, he roars. This morning when he peed, it was more of a growl than a roar. I took that to mean he was in less pain. Yes and no. It depends. Apparently the stent he got the other day still moves around quite a bit. For now, Lion needs his pain pills even if they do make him into a space cadet.

He wobbles when he walks and he makes less sense when he’s a space cadet. Usually I can figure out what he’s talking about even if he uses the occasional incorrect word. Generally the conversation will tail off as he falls asleep. And then he’s awake again, adamant that he wasn’t asleep. Yesterday he told me I’ve lost all sympathy for him because I’ve been on my iPad. I’m not sure what being on my iPad has to do with sympathy, but I’m fairly certain it was the drug talking. I am sympathetic to his pain. I just can’t do anything about it.

Lion does understand, drugged or not, that I am taking good care of him. Aside from being out of the house for an hour or so on Friday, I’ve been either in the bedroom or not far away from him. This morning he said he could make breakfast. The only thing that would break fast was him. He’d dreamed of bacon so I made him bacon, scrambled eggs, and rye toast. In a few minutes, I’ll make him lunch. And dinner later on. I’m taking care of the laundry and the rest of the house while he recuperates. He is very thankful for me and tells me several times a day. It’s nothing he wouldn’t do for me if I was in the same situation. It’s what we do for each other all the time, sick or not.

We make a pretty good team. Some of my coworkers are in more traditional relationships where she does the cooking, cleaning, etc. and he does the “man” things. One hurt her back a long time ago and was unable to lift anything or stand for any length of time. Her husband assumed all cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. duties while she recuperated. He still does the majority of the cooking. I think each couple finds a way to work things out or they aren’t a couple for very long. Lion and I tell each other every day how lucky we are to have found each other. That’s our secret to working things out.