I’m in a small-but-nice hospital room. They’re good to me and the food    is great. I just call room service and, Voila yummies arrive. I had kidney stone surgery. Not fun at all. I should be released into Mrs. Lion’s custody this morning. Even in my fog of pain, just before going into surgery, I remembered to remind her of punishment day.

I just wanted to tell you I’m ok and that I am grateful that Mrs. Lion takes such good care of me. And that room service here is bringing me a large, chocolate shake. Lions can be bribed with treats.


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    Good to hear you are much better.

    Get lots of rest and heal.


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    Since it is punishment day, is anything on the list for tonigjht? You probably spilled some hospital food on your gown.

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      Seriously? I’m not well enough to consider activity.

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        I was kidding. However, I do wonder under what circumstances Mrs Lion and other DD wives would postpone a spamking, for example if you had a cold, a headache, flu, were undergoing an emotional difficulty like depression or anxiety, etc. I didn’t think she would do it right after surgery. Although, do you have any immunity for offenses committed while hospitalized or on medication?

        I read one popular FLR DD blog where the husband got drunk, rode his motorcycle, crashed and was knocked unconscious. The day after when he was released, his wife beat him severely with a belt.

        So your case is easy, but others may not be.

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          I will write a post with my full response. You bring up a real, serious point. I don’t feel well enough right not to fully say what I’m thinking. But essentially, when discipline moves from a BDSM scene into real life, lots of issues crop up. I’m currently drugged by pain meds so any answer I give will be incoherent at best. I just want you to know that I understand what you are saying and that it is important.

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    Get well soon

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    Take care of your boy Mrs Lion.

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