I’ll leave to pick Lion up in a few minutes. When I heard the doctor wanted to keep him overnight, I prepared for the worst. No one likes to be in the hospital, but Lion actually roars about it. Eight years ago, he was at a different hospital and he was very grumbly. Granted, they had him drugged up and he was very disoriented, but he was looking for every opportunity to escape. When I walked into his “hotel” room last night, he was in a very good mood. It wasn’t the pain killers. It certainly wasn’t because he felt better. He would have been looking for the door if it was just that. He likes this hospital.

I don’t want you to think he drank any Kool-Aid. He did growl at some nurses and nurses aides in the emergency room. Then his RN basically told him that people come to the ER for help and that’s all they were trying to do for him. And the implication was that he should just shut his pie hole and let them do their jobs. My hero! (I did warn them, within five minutes of getting there, that if they needed to restrain him, it was fine by me. I didn’t tell them he might like it.)

We did need to wait a fairly long time for pain killers and the CT scan, but it was normal hospital waits for things. And we waited a bit for the surgery. But Lion said the reason he was okay with staying is because they treat him like a person. The other hospital talked down to him. He was drugged up, but still. They didn’t listen to him and gave him a very bad feeling about hospitals. This one, however, is like a resort. He has his own room. They folded his towels into the shape of a bunny. Everyone is friendly. And they talk to him, not at him. If he doesn’t understand what’s happening, they explain it. Duh. Just like you want to be treated.

Not that we want to make it a habit of going to the hospital, but I think we may have found a winner in this one. I’m sure Lion is ready to come home though. I’m glad he’s feeling better. I’m off to spring him.


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    Get better soon! Thanks for keeping us posted.

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