Lion is on the Mend

I finally got Lion to the emergency room. Yesterday, his doctor’s partner said he should go. Lion hates hospitals, so no ER yesterday. This morning, his regular doctor said he should go. The doc assumed it was something that would require admission. Thankfully, Lion is now in outpatient surgery with good odds he’ll be home tonight. He’ll work from home for a few days and be good as new. We’re both relieved about that.

Needless to say, it’s been a rocky few days. Lion has been miserable and I’ve been powerless to help more than holding his hand. I knew I needed to get Lion to the hospital, but he wasn’t budging. I’m sort of glad the pain got the better of him so he had to concede the trip to the ER was necessary. They don’t tend to do CT scans at the corner drug store.

I don’t know if Lion will feel up to doing a post for tomorrow, but I’m betting he’ll be back Friday morning.

[ Mrs. Lion – Update since I wrote this. Lion’s surgery is done and the surgeon wants him to stay in the hospital overnight just to be safe. Lion will not be happy.]


  1. Author

    Mrs. Lion, I know that you’re giving him the best possible care, and I’m equally sure that what he really needs is you – holding his hand, or just being near by.

    It can be frustrating having a partner who is reluctant to accept medical care – just ask my long-suffering wife…

    Best wishes to you both!

  2. Author

    Hopefully Lion heals quickly and fully! Glad you were able to prevail on the hospital visit. All the best!

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