4 am

This afternoon, Lion said he’d been awake at 4 am and he was thinking about my post in which I said sex is all about him. He’s noticed that, on the weekends, I will go a day or two without showering. I’d never do that during the week, even if it meant getting up extra early to take one in the morning. He wonders if that doesn’t show that I don’t care enough to get clean for him. Interesting theory. Sometimes Lion doesn’t shower for a day or so, but I’ve never thought that he doesn’t care enough to get clean for me. I just figure he’s tired or doesn’t feel all that dirty. Different perspective, I guess.

I read somewhere that showering every day is bad for you. Your body has essential oils that work together to keep your skin working well, and showering every day washes away those oils. The same goes for your hair too. I know my hair gets greasy if I don’t wash it every day, so when I’m going to work, I shower. On the weekends I tend to let it go because I give my hair/body a break from the soap. I have no idea if the articles I’ve read are valid or not, but it seemed like another interesting theory, so I’ve tried it. And, yes, I’m lazier on the weekends.

Does this mean that I am telling Lion he’s not worth it for me to be clean? I wasn’t doing it for that reason, obviously. It never even crossed my mind that he would think that, just as it never crossed my mind that he was not showering to send me any hidden messages. One question I have is, am I dirty enough to repel Lion? When he asks me if I’m taking a shower (because he wants to run the dishwasher and doesn’t want it to rob me of water), I ask if I need one. In other words, do I stink? And he usually says I don’t. So, is it a perception problem? Whether I stink or not (or whether he stinks or not, for that matter), is it an issue of perceiving that I don’t care enough to wash? What if I rinsed off with a washcloth? Would that count? What if he didn’t know I rinsed off with a washcloth? I could be completely clean, except for my hair, without taking a shower. Does that count? And what about the nights of the week when I do shower? We tend to play after we’ve each had our showers. Does that not count because I’m showering for work? I guess it depends on how far you take the theory.

One other reason I don’t shower on the weekends, aside from laziness and having a break from soaps, is that I read another article that suggested that an unshowered woman has a more musky, pheromone-y scent and that can help turn a guy on. Granted, this reason may be more far-fetched than the other one, but what do I know? However, some weeks ago, Lion said I smelled different and I should see a doctor. He also said he could tell his ex-wife was pregnant because she had a different smell.

Apparently, my unshowered self does not reek of pheromones. It just reeks. Fair enough. Showers all around from now on.