I’ve spent all morning trying to remember something I thought of last night. I think it would have made a good post. Unfortunately, my brain is still mush from this cold. I’m heading to the doctor later to see if I can get anything for it.

Lion is a few time zones to the east. There were tornado warnings for him last night. Scary stuff, especially at night when you can’t see them coming. Luckily none of them hit near Lion. He just had nasty thunderstorms. And today he has sunshine. I wish I was with him. Neither of us do very well without the other. Obviously, we can function. We just don’t sleep well. And we’re lonely. At least I have the luxury of ordinary days. The only thing missing is Lion.

The only real news I have is that I found the other stash of Ivory soap from when we thought it would be interesting to use it in Lion’s mouth. I don’t know if it really matters that we have three other bars. How many can you use? I haven’t even decided if we’ll use them at all. When I give it any thought at all, I think making him eat raisins would be more of a punishment than soap in his mouth. He hates raisins.

Another thing Lion has been asking about is using a blindfold. We probably have several of them around. I guess there’s really no reason not to use one. I can’t think of a reason I’d want to, but I guess the fact that he wants to is the real reason. I think he might want to be careful, though. Who knows what I’ll do to him when he can’t see me coming. Tiny clothespins. Menthol rub. Lots of nasties. Although, I really like the look on his face when he does see me coming with mean things. It’s sort of a mix of dread, panic, and pleading. But I’m sure I can think of something to do to him while he’s wearing a blindfold.

I’ll have to go poking around in the dungeon to see where the blindfolds are stashed. Then I can make some plans for Lion’s homecoming. I can’t wait.

[Lion — As I recall, the most amazing experiences were when I was blindfolded. In one, I felt a really exciting ball massage. Then my balls started burning. I couldn’t see that the nice massage was really Ben Gay being rubbed in.]