End Of The Wild Lion

I am wild this week (no chastity device). That, of course, doesn’t change anything regarding my chastity. The only real difference is that without the device, I can touch Mrs. Lion’s weenie. With the device on, I am physically unable to touch it for any reason. There is a strict rule that I am not to touch sexually. I may touch to pee and to bathe. That’s it.

I’m working in the tropical Southeast this week. A couple of trips ago, Mrs. Lion joined me and we had a fantastic time. A hotel room, no matter how nice, is a sad place without my lioness. Granted, there is a lot here to distract me. But doing things alone just isn’t the same. Because of my destination, no one says, “Poor Lion, on another nasty business trip.” No. Instead I get, “Suck it up buttercup. Anyone else would kill to go there.”

So, here I am doing the job I love and staying in a wonderful place with the penis unfettered. I go to sleep on crisp, white sheets that rub sensuously against my uncaged organ. It feels good when I hunker down. I’m in my fourth year of enforced chastity. You’d think I’m long over idle rubbing and touching. I suppose I am. When it’s time to pee, I am constantly surprised that I don’t have a chastity device to remove from my pants. It feels odd to hold her penis. By the end of the week, it will become natural again.

Since we got sick before Christmas, my daily unlock and tease routine has been disrupted. It’s not unusual for me to remain locked in my cage for three days at a time. I know. Poor baby,  he only gets teased twice a week. I’m not whining. One or the other of us was too sick to be sexual. It’s been more difficult to edge me. It may be the tail end of my cold that’s affecting my libido. Perhaps it’s the relative infrequency of teasing. I just don’t know. But whatever the reason, it takes Mrs. Lion longer to get me hard and then to the edge. A couple of times she was able to edge me once or twice and then the erection went away. I hope that was the cold.

We’re both trying to minimize the time I am wild. Mrs. Lion unlocks me just before we snuggle and she plays. As soon as I get soft, I am locked up again. I think this is best. Any day now I will receive a new, custom-made, plastic device. I can wear this without detection when I travel. That means I will only be wild when directly supervised by Mrs. Lion. That’s as it should be.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that enforced chastity doesn’t work for me as a part-time activity. By that I mean I am unlocked at any time when Mrs. Lion isn’t interacting with her weenie. I’m a binary critter. I like things to be clear and consistent. Chastity vacations just don’t work for me. Binary lion: on or off, no in between.

I haven’t masturbated in over three years. Mrs. Lion established from the onset that I am not to stimulate myself. She, and only she, puts on and removes my cage. As she likes to point out, I get a lot of masturbation — almost daily — but it is never my hand. She’s made it clear it will never be my hand. I wonder if at some point she will allow another hand there. I doubt it.

This may be my last wild trip. I’ve been waiting a very long time for the custom plastic cage. Once I get it and have a chance to test drive it for a while, I will post a full review. It it works out, we will have an affordable, TSA-safe chastity device. That closes the last loophole for me. It’s not that I’ve been wild much of the last years. I started this job last August. Before that, I didn’t fly at all.

I like things to be simple. In the case of enforced chastity, it means I want to be in the device except for the times Mrs. Lion wants to actively interact with her weenie or I have to go to the doctor when he might want to examine down there. Simple, easy for me to understand.

Since the chastity device is more than just a way to keep the penis reserved for my lioness alone, perhaps we need something else I could wear when the device has to be off; a symbol of my power exchange. I don’t know what that could be, but if it isn’t removable and doesn’t pose any problems wearing it, it would be perfect. You know, like my wedding ring.  Something to consider.